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Ten Tips To Grow Your Plumbing Business

March 18th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Guest Blog Post From Ellen Rohr -”The Plumber’s Wife Turned Business Makeover Expert”
We at Grow Plumbing are so excited to have Ellen post on our blog, enjoy and take action on the tips!  

Ellen Rohr - The Business Makeover Expert



Here are Ten Tips to Grow (or Jump Start) your Plumbing Business…



  1. Search “grow plumbing” and find this helpful site.  See?  You are already on the right track!  ;-)
  2. Listen, read and study business.  Smart business people write books to help you out.  Take advantage of that. 
    1. Go to Top of my list is The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.  This audio book is mandatory. Gerber is a great speaker, and you might feel like he wrote this book just for you.  Commit to flooding your mind with inspirational stories and business success tips during drive time.
    2. Download the free Kindle app from your phone’s app store. Go to and search for business and start-up-business books and download a few classic freebies, like Ziglar: Greatest Life Lessons by Sarah Roosevelt and As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. 
  3. Practice personal management skills.  Adopt an approach and incorporate good Project and Calendaring skills.  Another Kindle freebie is Time Management Made Easy by Tiffany Barker. 
  4. Clean your office.  Everything out.  Scrub the floor, and repaint the walls a bright, inspiring color.  Only bring into your office space essential items and tools.  When in doubt, throw it out. Ellen Rohr The Business Makeover Expert
  5. Get an accounting program.  I love QuickBooks by because it is solid as a half-ton pickup truck.  Enlist the help of a bookkeeper or accountant to help you learn to use it and develop your financial literacy.  You don’t need to become an accounting expert, but you do need to know how to enter basic data, and read the reports…the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss.  Start now to track every dollar in and out, and review the reports on a weekly basis.  Stay in compliance with Uncle Sam.
  6. Write a Business Plan.  A Business Plan is anything that helps you clarify what you want, why you want it, and how you are going to go about it.  It can be a one-pager, or a few pages in a binder, or you could organize it in or  Manually or digitally, it’s got to be written down.  If is ain’t written, it ain’t real. I’ve got lots of Business Plan help on my site too. 
    1. Include Financial Goals.  A simple budget will help you set Goals for Sales and Expenses, and crunch numbers for a decent Selling Price. 
    2. Double the Selling Price you came up with in the Budgeting process.  You are probably not earmarking enough money for you and your team. 
    3. Include a Marketing Plan.  Come up with reasons why people would want to work with you and pay your prices.  Look outside our industry for inspiration…like Starbucks and Disney. 
  7. Get a nice phone.  You may be able to run your business from your phone or tablet or laptop.  Don’t overdue the number of devices but invest in current technology. 
  8. Approach a wealthy, happy person and ask him to be your mentor.  If you can find one in the plumbing industry, fine.  It makes sense to look outside the industry, too.  Really successful people will not be threatened by you or anybody. Nobody gets to the top all by themselves.  Great people understand that and lend a hand to others on the way up.
  9. Stop whining.  You have it really good compared to some people.  When you catch yourself complaining to someone, just stop.  Nobody cares.  Don’t hang out with whiners.  Find people who love playing a good game, and like to win.  Hang out with them. 
  10. Keep a journal.  Take note of the struggle, but don’t get too attached to it.  It gets better as you are willing to raise your prices, and your standards.  Go back and review early entries to remind yourself of how far you have come. 

Now…that’s a bit of what it takes to become a businessperson.  Note that becoming a great Plumber is not the key ingredient.  If you want to plumb, you may not want to be the owner of a business. Talk to your mentor about your strengths and weaknesses as a business owner.  If you are ready to develop those skills, then take a swing at Growing your Plumbing business, 

Look before you leap.  Then… leap!  Measure progress, adjust…and leap again.  

Xo$ Elllen

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