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4 Plumbing Marketing Outlets That Can Help Increase Conversion Rates

May 1st, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


There are many options out there for plumbing marketing. From direct mail to SEO, it is really important to weigh your options when it comes to plumbing marketing and your bottom line, increasing your conversion rate. When creating plan for plumbing marketing it is always best to make an educated decision about what methods will work best for you in increasing your conversion rate. Are are some of the most popular methods of plumbing marketing and their typical conversion rates, some of these might actually surprise you!


increase conversion rates

Plumbing Marketing Methods to Help Increase Conversion Rates


SEO plays a big role in plumbing marketing these days, and more and more people take to the internet in search of the goods and services they need. SEO helps you get indexed by search engines so you appear in top search results. More visibility online means and increase in conversion rates right? In theory yes. In order to increase your conversion rates using SEO for plumbing marketing it takes a lot of dedication and constant maintenance. If you are willing to put in the time SEO can work very well for your plumbing marketing and increasing your conversion rate. The higher search ranking the more visibility, the more visibility the more traffic. Once you have the traffic its up to your website to close the deal. SEO is only half the battle.


Social Media

Next to SEO social media plays a huge role in driving traffic. However social media and SEO work better hand in hand. Optimizing your social media profiles is a smart way to engage with customers and perform your SEO duties. Social media also provides and excellent platform to distribute your SEO ridden content to the masses. LinkedIn in particular can be a very powerful platform to use for your plumbing marketing and increasing your conversion rates among b2b marketers. Some see an increase in their conversion rates as high as 10-20 percent. However this is dependent on engagement of the right target audience. LinkedIn offers an advanced search option which really allows you to narrow search results down to a highly specific group on people that meet your target profile.


Paid Ads

Paid online ads can be very effective in increasing your conversion rates. If you are going to include paid ad campaigns in your plumbing marketing plan it is important to consider what platform you are going to run these ads. Facebook works well for some while adwords might work better for others. It depends highly on your target audience and where those people are. PPC ads are great to run every once in a while because they can tremendously raise your conversion rates 20-50 percent, however its does cost money to run a successful PPC campaign so take your plumbing marketing budget into consideration. When spending money on a PPC ad or classified ad be sure you are targeting the right people and using the right keywords.


Direct Mail

Believe it or not direct mail is still an effective form of plumbing marketing these days. With an increase in conversion rates as high as 5 percent. The reason being is that so many people stick to online plumbing marketing these days that there are less people utilizing direct mail, which makes your piece stand out. Post cards are particularly effective because they are out in the open and as a bonus are actually cheaper to mail. Again its important to consider your target audience when going this route.


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