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How to Get More Clicks for Your Online Ads

May 19th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

get more clicks for your online ads

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Online ads can be great for your plumbing marketing. Running an occasional online ad can really help boost your conversion rates. When running an online ad it is important to be strategic with it, after all it is costing you money to run the ad, so you want to position yourself you get the biggest bang for your buck. Here are some tips to help you get more clicks for your online ads.


Emphasize Value

Emphasizing value is an important step to help you get more clicks for your online ads. What is the benefit of clicking on your ad? How do you communicate this? The benefit or value of clicking on your online ad should be clear. If you are running a special capitalize on that by using it in your online ad. For example: “Save money with our $99.00 drain cleaning.” Here the benefit is clear.


Peak Curiosity

Humans are curious by nature so use this to your advantage to get more clicks for your online ads. Use terms like “learn how” or “how to” to peak curiosity and get more clicks for your online ads.


Use Your Credibility

Use your credibility or reputation to get more clicks for your online ads. If you have a good online reputation market with this. Online reviews are very powerful things. Customers are more likely to make a decision about a good or service based on what others are saying. So if you have a good rating on Yelp or Angie’s List incorporate this into your online ad. For example “Angie’s List top rated”.



As with any type of online plumbing marketing, when you run online ads you want to make sure you follow through with what you promise. For example if you run an ad for $99.00 drain cleaning, deliver on that $99.00 drain cleaning. This will help your credibility as well, and help create repeat business.


Online ads are a great way to boost your plumbing marketing to gain momentum. A well thought out plumbing marketing plan will include running paid online ads every once in a while to help boost traffic. Keep in mind your plumbing marketing budget when running online ads, as the cost can ad up after a while. Learn more about getting more clicks for your online ads and other plumbing marketing topics at

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