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Up Your Twitter Game for Plumbing Marketing

June 17th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks. Which makes having a Twitter strategy important for your plumbing marketing. While Twitter can be a little confusing for some it is actually a more simple platform than the more widely used Facebook. It’s simplicity is why Twitter is sometimes overlooked. Having a presence on Twitter can definitely be beneficial for your plumbing marketing. Twitter provides you with another audience to promote your content. Twitter also helps boost your search ranking. Here are some tips to help you up your Twitter game for plumbing marketing.

twitter for plumbing marketing 


Just like Facebook gave the word like a new meaning,
Twitter did the same with favorite. Consider “favoriting” something akin to “liking” something. As you favorite you pop up in the users feed, when this happens they are more likely to follow you back. All social media works as trickle down effect for exposure. One move and the rest of you “following”, “friends”, “circles” what have you can see, and this is good exposure. While manually doing this can take a little time, it can really pay off. Remember quality trumps quantity any day.


Be Active

Activity on Twitter is crucial in order to gain any success for your plumbing marketing. An inactive account will deliver no results. So get your Tweet on. Tweet often and about things that are relevant to your business. Don’t bombard people with nonsense, but provide enough relevant content to keep them engaged. For plumbing purposes don’t just plug your services, Tweet how to’s and tips, Tweet crazy plumbing stories, or plumbing jokes.



Trend on point when it comes to using Twitter for plumbing marketing, while this can be a little confusing based on the subject matter. For plumbing marketing purposes you could share tips about saving water, share ideas for creating a

modern bathroom or kitchen, share the latest technology in LED showerheads for example. This will peak interest in your plumbing company and help with your engagement.


Having a strong presence on Twitter will definitely help your plumbing marketing in the long run. Twitter is just too strong of a platform to ignore. To learn more about plumbing marketing and using Twitter for plumbing marketing visit


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