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Online Reviews for Your Plumbing Company

June 21st, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

online reviews for your plumbing company 

Online reviews for your plumbing company are an important aspect of your plumbing marketing. Online reviews help boost your credibility, help build your online presence, and help you engage with your customers. So how do you get more online reviews for your plumbing company?


Existing Reviews

If you already have some existing online reviews for your plumbing company then it is important to monitor them. Its important to know what people are saying about your plumbing company. Remember that the more online reviews for your plumbing company you have the more likely you will have a negative review too, its purely a statistical thing. Sometimes you can’t please everyone. Take this into consideration and be proactive.


Address Negativity

When you do come across a negative review address it head on. What was the breakdown? By publicly addressing it you demonstrate your ability to work with your customers to come up with a solution. Perhaps its a simple fix. With a little effort you do have the ability to turn a negative review into a positive experience, however this will not happen by ignoring them.


Ask for Reviews

One of the most direct ways to solicit online reviews for your plumbing company is to ask for them. Once you have completed a job ask for your customers to review your company online. Not everyone will oblige but some will. Remember ask and you shall receive.


Incorporate Social Media

online reviews for your plumbing companyPromote your local directory sites like Yelp and Google Local on your social media. Your customers maybe didn’t know you were on Yelp so let them know. This is another way to ask your existing customers are reviews.


Make it Easy

Don’t make your customers work at it. Make it as easy as possible. Add a link to your local directory on your website, or include a link on your email signature. The more your streamline the process the more likely a customer is to leave an online review for your plumbing company.


When it comes to online reviews for your plumbing company remember you have to take the good with the bad. Don’t take things personally. Look at them as a way to grow as a business. For more information on plumbing marketing and getting more online reviews for your plumbing company visit


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