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Water Wise Water Conversation: Tips to Save Water

July 27th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


With the on going drought still affecting much of the South Western United States its important for all of us to do our part and save water. There are many small changes you can make to your every day life that can really help make a huge impact. When you save water you not only help with the drought but you will also lower your monthly water bill. Water conservation is really a win win situation. Saving water is good for the environment and good for your wallet. Lets look at some ways you can save water every day.



A lot of water waste comes from the outdoors. Some simple changes in how you water you lawn and clean up around the yard can really help save water. Many areas are all ready requiring mandatory water conservation when it comes your watering your yard. Check with your local municipalities.


Limit how often to water your lawn to 2 days a week, and water early in the morning or late in the evening; this allows the water to soak into the ground better and alleviate evaporation. To be extra diligent with saving water while watering your lawn, install timers, and don’t forget to check your sprinkler system for any leaks or busted sprinkler heads, make any necessary repairs to further help you save water. If you really want to conserve water, consider changing your landscaping to more drought friendly plants, there are many great options out there, a lot of them will also give your yard a more modern update and are super low maintenance. When cleaning up around the yard always opt for a broom or blower, this will help you save water and you will get a little exercise in the process; win, win!


If you have a pool or fountain you will want to be extra careful when it comes to saving water. Avoid draining and refiling unless there are health and safety concerns. For ponds, only refill if it is absolutely necessary to sustain aquatic life. Cover pools to prevent evaporation, this will help you save water by eliminating the need to constantly refill your pool.


When it comes to washing your car, a dirty car is often times seen as a badge of honor in an effort to save water, however if you must wash your car go to the car wash instead. Most car washes are designed to recycle the water so there is actually less water waste. If you are hand washing be sure to use a bucket and a hose with a shut off valve to prevent water waste.

save water


Saving water indoors is just as important as saving water outdoors. There are many small changes in your daily routine that can really make a difference. Start by checking your plumbing for any leaks and making repairs. Replace old faucets and shower heads with newer more efficient models or install low flow aerators to help save water. You can also save a ton of water by upgrading your toilets to newer more efficient ones.


Other changes you can make are: only run appliances when they are full; this goes for washing machines and dishwashers (as an added saving bonus you can cut down to electricity usage by only operating these appliances after 7 pm, this is when the baseline drops). Also shorten your showers to 5 minutes and always turn the water off while brushing your teeth or hand washing dishes.


By making small changes we can make a huge impact in water conservation. This drought is no joke, we all need to do our part. The best part about saving water is also saving money. Its good for the environment and more efficient. We have to protect our most precious natural resource!


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