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Whats Your Status? – Content Strategy

July 31st, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Status updates make up and important part of your content strategy which is a vital part of using social media for plumbing marketing. Status updates serve a couple of purposes for your plumbing marketing: 1) Status updates help increase engagement with your audience and 2) Status updates help increase your search ranking. Here are some ways to help you write better status updates as part of your content strategy.


Post Often

When it comes to posting status updates you should be updating your social media profiles several times a week at the least. While you don’t want to come across as spamy, you can’t really post too much. So post away and post often. Infrequent posting will not get you the results you are after with your content strategy. To make things easier we recommend pre-scheduling your posts using an automated system like Hootsuite once a month. This help streamline things and helps you stay organized. You can plan your entire month of status updates, and save time for other aspects of your content strategy, like writing blog posts.


Stay Relevant

It is important to stay relevant to your industry when it comes to your content strategy, after all that is what your audience wants right? You still have a lot of room to get creative in terms of plumbing marketing. You can post a how to, plumbing tips, funny stories, historical facts etc… Not all of your status updates have to be solely plugging your business have a little fun.



When it comes to plumbing marketing and your content strategy its important to remain a little transparent. While you do want to show a little personality to let so your audience can form a personal connection, you don’t want to alienate anyone avoid getting too political and too involved in controversial issues.


Remember as part of your content strategy your status updates are helping build your brand. Branding is an important factor in the success of your plumbing marketing. To learn more about plumbing marketing and creating a strong content strategy visit

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