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View How Many LinkedIn Connections

August 13th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Best LinkedIn Hack Ever

As you know, LinkedIn only shows 500 connections on a person’s profile. (Obviously, if they have over 500 connections) Have you ever wanted to see how many LinkedIn connections a person has? Read below and find out!

Below we explain how to see how many LinkedIn connections someone has whether you are connect with that person on NOT connected. Yes! and you don’t need to be connected to that person….

Step 1

(1) Click on someone’s Profile (someone with 500+ connections).

Step 2 

(2) Click on the small dropdown arrow next to ‘Send a Free Message’ or ‘Send In Mail’.

Best LinkedIn Hack

Step 3 

(3) Click on ‘View recent activity’.

Top LinkedIn Hacks

Last Step

(4) Voila! LinkedIn now shows you that the person has x ‘followers’.

If the person has not published any long-form posts on LinkedIn, all of those Followers are actually Connections. If the person has published long-form posts on LinkedIn, a proportion of his/her Followers (5-20 %) will be people who are following that person because they liked what he/she wrote on LinkedIn Publisher.

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