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Mobile Marketing – A Necessary Part of Today’s Plumbing Marketing Strategy

August 20th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


mobile marketingOver the course of the last several years we have seen a major shift in online plumbing marketing. As more a more users start relying more and more on their mobile devices to enlist the goods and services they need. More emphasis has been placed on the importance on mobile marketing for your plumbing marketing. When it comes to your mobile marketing, keeping customers engaged with your brand is just as important as with other methods of digital plumbing marketing.


Being Accessible

Part of the appeal of mobile search is that it is convenient. We always have our phones on us these days, and as technology gets better and better the ease of mobile search is getting more and more convenient then say using your computer at your home or business. That is why its important to accessible to your customers via mobile search. You not only open yourself up to more possibilities, but also help keep your customers engaged by being readily available to them.



Content is still really important when it comes to mobile marketing. Just because the method of search has changed does not mean the veracity of appetite for content has changed. If anything its increased, as we want more information not now, but yesterday. To be successful with mobile marketing you need to provide your customers with new fresh content on a regular basis. A great way to provide good content to customers with mobile marketing is to update them with any new deals or promotions you are offering. When it comes to content for mobile marketing you have a lot of options, you can use texts or even use apps to help appeal to more customers.


Employing mobile marketing practices is just another way to get the word out there about your business. There is a lot of competition out there for business, so its important to make sure you have the best visibility possible for your plumbing company. To learn more about mobile marketing and other plumbing marketing related topics please visit

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