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Introducing Breezeworks Software

August 31st, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Spend Less time pushing paper and more time growing your service with Breezeworks!

Long gone are the days of tracking customers on handwritten index cards and spiral-bound notebooks tucked away in a box somewhere. With today’s technology that can conveniently run on a smartphone, managing information and interactions is easier than ever, with myriad benefits for your company. And given the low cost of some of the business management software available now, you don’t have to be a large conglomerate with an IT team to go digital. More and more small businesses, including plumbers and HVAC experts, are discovering the advantages of doing so. (A 2013 Forbes article noted that 61 percent of small and medium businesses are relying on cloud-based solutions.)

Breezeworks SoftwareSorting through all the options out there can be a challenge, though. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right software to successfully maintain—and grow—your business.

  • Get up and running right away: If you’re running a small business—say, less than 20 employees—chances are, you don’t have a dedicated IT person. So turnkey software, one where you essentially pay them and then get started right away, tends to be a good option. Plus, you usually don’t need to be highly technical person to use them. For example, Breezeworks, a software platform that enables you to conduct business from practically anywhere, starts at $16/month. The features include: scheduling, real-time traffic alerts, work history tracking, instant estimating, invoicing, and even on-site payment acceptance. “Breezeworks has been great for my business. As a business owner it has saved me from a lot of stress, especially around scheduling. It’s so easy to use,” said Rocky Puga of Upper Valley Plumbing   
  • Manage your customer relationships (and revenue): For service industries like plumbing and HVAC, being able to manage your relationship with the customer directly is a big deal. Sure, you might need some help generating new leads—which is where a company like Grow Plumbing comes in handy—but pay attention to the setup for the various tools out there. For instance, Grow Plumbing doesn’t take a commission; there’s an up-front, flat-rate fee for leads, but once you establish the relationship with the customer, it’s all you. You essentially own that relationship and any repeat business it (hopefully) generates. To help with customer retention, choose software that keeps track of customers and allows you to communicate quickly and conveniently with them.
  • Increase your entire team’s efficiency: How many times have you found yourself lamenting that there just aren’t enough hours in the day? According to EnTech, mobile apps can save small and medium businesses 725 million hours each year. Software/mobile technology like Breezeworks can boost your efficiency by automating tasks such as customer communications, and integrating with other systems you already have in place (including QuickBooks). On the day-to-day level, you don’t necessarily have to be in the office to accomplish your administrative tasks. Send that invoice from your vehicle, as soon as you complete a project. Monitor your employees’ jobs, even while you’re on a much-needed vacation. Technology can help you manage not only your own work better, but your team, too, by enabling you to share customer data and job notes with each other.
  • Go paperless and boost your professional image: It’s been said that we’re moving closer and closer to a paperless world. And when it comes to record-keeping, this certainly seems to be the case. Imagine all the storage space you’ll save—not to mention printer ink and paper—if all of your estimates and invoices are handled electronically. Customers will no doubt appreciate the convenience of receiving the documents via email rather than having them clutter up their mailboxes and desktops. Employing business software that allows you to shift to a digital way of doing business will also let your customers know that you’re running a streamlined and modern operation. “Our software is all about increasing productivity and revenue, while reducing the administrative hassles,” says Breezeworks founder and CEO Matthew Cowan. “And using Breezeworks gives your customers the impression that you’re not only professional, but also on the cutting edge with technology.” Indeed, from the customer’s perspective, they get the best of both worlds: the same amenities they’ve come to expect from larger companies, along with the high level of service and attention that a small business like yours can provide. 

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