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Advertising on Bing

September 25th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Have you considered your plumbing marketing strategy in a while? Your using social media, blogging, and maintaining your local directories right? Of course you are! Your even running ads on Facebook and Google every now and then just to give your plumbing marketing a little push. You getting results and that’s great! Now here’s another thing to consider; have you given much thought to advertising on Bing as well? Bing, the lesser known search engine dwarfs in comparison to Google, however there is still great potential to reach your customers by advertising on Bing.

 advertising on bing

Advertising on Bing seems to overlooked a lot of the time and it really shouldn’t be. A lot of your customers could actually be on Bing. When thinking about advertising on Bing its important to consider who is more likely to use Bing. Studies show that Bing users are more likely to be:


  • In the US

  • Internet Explorer users(which leads way to less tech savvy users)

  • More blue collar than white collar

  • In the 35 + age bracket


As a plumber looking to advertise on Bing this is really handy information. Knowing what types of people are using various search engines can help you better create advertising campaigns that will be more effective in converting.


One really great reason to consider advertising on Bing is that because it is the lesser used search platform there is less competition. Yes there aren’t as many users, buy because of the type of people using Bing you get more quality visibility. Quality over quantity is really important to consider when increasing conversions.


Which leads us to our next point. Advertising on Bing is less expensive than advertising on Google because it is less competitive. The average cost for a ppc on Google is $1.83/click the average cost to advertise on Bing is $1.07. With a lower cost per click this gives you more room to play around with more competitive words and phrases and even run longer campaigns.


The bottom line is you shouldn’t discredit Bing because it is lesser used. With the reduced competition and lower cost it could actually be quite beneficial for you to advertise on Bing. The only way you will know is to try it out.  


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