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Building a Strong Brand

October 2nd, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Building a brand is part of plumbing marketing. If you are trying to grow your plumbing business and have any sort of plumbing marketing strategy, whether you are doing it yourself or you have hired a professional, you are working towards building a brand. A universal brand is crucial to your plumbing marketing. Its was identifies you. Its how customers see your business. There are several things you can do to build a good brand. Here are some tips to help you build a strong brand in today’s digital age.


Blog About It!

That’s right, blogging is fundamental in creating a strong brand for your plumbing company. There are many benefits to blogging; for starters a higher search ranking (Google loves blogs!), however blogging serves an even larger purpose than helping gain a few spots in search engines and that is it helps build your brand. Part of building a brand is engaging with customers, a blog provides the perfect platform to do so, and helps solidify your position as an expert in your community. By writing about what you know you establish yourself as the authority, you also maintain a common theme, which is a major factor in building a strong brand.


Build It!

An audience that is! “If you build it…” come on you know the rest! But it true if you build the audience you will also build a brand! Social media is a huge component in online plumbing marketing and should be utilized to help strengthen your brand. Keep a uniform presence on social media to help solidify your brand, ie: same logo, colors, catch phrase etc…after a while people will begin to expect this and recognize this as your brand.


Be Real

Image result for authenticPart of building a strong brand is that it represents you! You are a major factor in your business and customers want to know who you are. Automation is great and it helps us in a lot of different ways, but its important to maintain a balance, don’t automate so much that people don’t know who you are. Let a little personality show through. When people can start to relate to you they are more likely to become loyal customers. Let a little personality shine through and build it into your brand.


Continued Education

Continued education in your field will help you stay on top of your brand. Things are constantly changing, trends, technology, codes, safety procedures etc…keep this in mind when building your brand and be prepared for it. As a plumber one of the smartest things you can do is to ensure that you and your team remain up to date with the latest information. Customers love the latest and greatest, continued education helps you stay relevant, which is a huge factor in building a strong brand.


When building a strong brand its important to think about the longevity on your brand. You want things to stick in peoples mind for years to come. Think about the old Adee Do commercials, talk about building a memorable brand. We can still recite those commercial today!

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