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How Using Social Media for Plumbing Marketing Can Actually Help Your SEO

October 6th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


increase traffic to websiteUsing social media for plumbing marketing is an important part of your online digital marketing plan. In fact each aspect of plumbing marketing from SEO, link building, content, social media, local directories etc.. all impact each other. Think of it as the life cycle of plumbing marketing. Each component benefits the other and when used together can be really powerful. Using social media definitely has an effect on your SEO, here how to capitalize on it.



Search Engines

If you are actively using social media for plumbing marketing than you are probably updating your profile with a constant stream of content. Form blog posts, status updates, pictures, and videos youincrease traffic to website are constantly feeding the beast. By doing so you are enabling search engines to index your social media profile. What this does is allows for more relevant search results to populate for a users search. Your Tweets and status updates can show up in search results, which allows for greater visibility.


Link Building

Link building has sort of got a bad wrap over the last several years. What really has happened is search engines have caught on to manipulation of search results. So any attempt to do so will be dealt with. With this in mind there is not reason to not implore link building as part of your plumbing marketing, as long as you are doing it with the best possible intentions. Create links that matter, that are relevant and of good quality. Using social media for plumbing marketing is a great way to do this. Share the link to your website on your profile and in your status updates. In return you should also provide links on your website to your social media profiles.



The amount of traffic you have to your website effects your search ranking. When search engines see a rise in traffic to your website they consider your website more relevant and give your more credibility which allows your website to move up in ranking. By using social media for plumbing marketing you can create a strong following and if you regularly provide relevant content that drives traffic, the search engines will see this traffic and reward you with a better search ranking.


Using social media for plumbing marketing is becoming more and more important. Before it was more about engagement and building a brand, which is still true, but social media for plumbing marketing has so much potential to be so much for your plumbing marketing. To learn more about social media for plumbing marketing visit

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