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5 Tips to Help You Lower Your Bounce Rate

October 22nd, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


lower your bounce rateWhen consulting your analytics page one of the key things to look for is the bounce rate of your website. A bounce rate is calculated by the average amount of time a visitor spends on your website. If you have a low bounce rate then you are doing everything right, keep up the good work! If you have a high bounce rate then that isn’t a good sign. Lets look at some ways to help you lower your bounce rate.


#1 Keywords

The keywords you select for your SEO have a lot to do with the amount of traffic you get to your website. Relevant keywords are a must! One of the reasons you have a high bounce rate is that your keywords aren’t relevant to what the searcher is looking for. In terms of SEO its important to put quality over quantity, after all whats the point in having traffic that you can’t convert? To order to lower your bounce rate you may have to consider your keywords and make some changes.


#2 Landing Pages

Landing pages have proven to be very effective tools for plumbing marketing, especially when it comes to improving conversions and lowering the bounce rate. Landing pages are great because they focus on one specified topic. This leave little room for distraction which helps lower the bounce rate.


#3 Call to Action

A call to action button is really important for improving conversions and lowering the bounce rate. A good call to action needs to draw the attention of your visitors and will be compelling enough to get them to click. Just with your keywords make sure your call to action is relevant to your page.


#4 Function

One of the biggest culprits of a high bounce rate is that the website doesn’t load quickly. When searchers are looking for specific information they want it then and now, if they have to wait for the website to load they will move on to the next.


# 5 Website Design & Layout

Another contribute to a high bounce rate is that the website is confusing and doesn’t navigate well. If people have to work hard to find the information they are going to bounce, literally. In order to lower your conversion rate think about the design of your website. Is your website confusing to people? Is it easy to navigate? Is your color scheme easy on the eyes? Is your overall design distracting?


A lot goes into to having and maintaining a great website with a lower bounce rate. One thing you can do to lower your bounce rate is ask your customers what they think? How do they feel about the ease of use? Was your website compelling for them? The customer feedback you get from your website will be able to tell you where you can make improvements to help you lower your bounce rate.


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