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Scary Plumbing Situations

October 31st, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


scary plumbing

Extreme Pumpkins,, 10/31/2015

Happy Halloween everyone! On the spookiest day of the year we have compiled a few scary plumbing situations, that could make even the strongest person scream…well maybe not quite so back but some of these scary plumbing situations are pretty scary. Take a look!

OK so maybe the first one isn’t necessarily a Halloween inspired scary plumbing situation, but we think its safe to say that this is something out of every parents worst nightmare.


scary plumbing

Central Florida Action News,, 01/31/2015

Snakes and plumbing don’t really mix! If you have a fear of snakes then these are some scary plumbing situations for you.



Weird Wild Realm,, 10/31/2015



Scary Plumbing

Banoosh,, 10/31/2015

 We feel like shower time should be a relaxing time, not a scary plumbing situation, but to each his own.

scary plumbing

Plumbing Zone,, 13/31/2015

 Every kids, and maybe even some adult’s worst nightmare!Scary Plumbing


The last one is super creepy.

Which scary plumbing situation gave you the heeby jeebies? Have you ever come across any scary plumbing situations yourself? Comment your scary plumbing situations. Grow Plumbing would like to wish you a happy Halloween! Please remember to stay safe!



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