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Tips to Help You Dominate Your Local Search Results

November 11th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


local search resultsWhen it comes to growing your business one of the easiest ways to get the best results is to target your local area. In terms of SEO narrowing down your audience to your local search results will help you garner better quality leads which helps you improve conversions. It is easier to achieve better results with your local search results because it isn’t quite as competitive. For example keywords can be highly competitive; keywords phrases like “best pluming company” are going to be more competitive on a national level verses “best Glendale plumbing company”. With this in mind here are some tips to help you dominate your local search results.


Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

SEO plays a huge role in your local search results. So take every opportunity you get to optimize with your locally driven keywords. You website is definitely important to optimize, you should optimize the body text of your website and also your blog on your website. You should also optimize your social media profiles as well as your local directories, like Google Local. Always keep the information on your website and other profiles up to date and relevant to your business. Staying on top of this can really help your local search results.


Run Ads

From time to time its a good idea to run a paid ad, for example with Facebook or Google. Paid ads can really help give you a boost in traffic which can help boost your conversions. When running paid ads try and integrate your keywords phrases into your ad. Paid ads in conjunction with local SEO can achieve really great results.



Content plays a huge role in driving local search results. A steady stream of content like a blog that is routinely updated is a vital part of any SEO strategy, and also for your local search results. You should be utilizing your locally driven keywords throughout your blog and other content sources. This method can often help you surpass larger businesses because it is more specific to the area. This is a great way to gain more visibility and improve your local search results.

 local search results


A really important part about driving local search results is to make sure you are mobile friendly. More and more people are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to find the information they need. So its important to make sure that
your website converts to a smaller screen. Local directories are also important to mobile visibility as many mobile searches for goods and services take place on apps like Yelp and Google Local.


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