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Four Things to Consider When it Comes to Your Plumbing Marketing

November 19th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Things are ever changing when it comes to plumbing marketing. Its really important to stay on top of the times to better prepare yourself for success with your plumbing marketing. With this in mind there are a few things you need to consider when creating a plumbing marketing plan for your business.


#1 Mobility


plumbing marketing

Social Cubix,, 11/18/2015

Mobility is huge when it comes to being successful with plumbing marketing. People are becoming more and more mobile with their search than ever before. Its estimated that there are 500 million smartphone users in china and 200 million smartphone users in the US. That is a huge portion of people relying on their smartphones to get the information they seek, which means that you need to take into consideration how your marketing efforts come across to the mobile user.


#2 Video

Video is extremely effective when it comes to plumbing marketing, especially with the mobile user. Video marketing is easier to do these days, just about anyone can do it with a web-cam or even the camera on your smartphone. Video marketing is a great way to communicate effectively with your target audience. Short video clips have also become increasingly popular. When it comes to video marketing you want to make sure you watch the time, keep things professional, and incorporate your brand.


#3 Other Forms of Content

Video is just one form of content you should be utilizing for your plumbing marketing. Blogging and pictures can also be quite effective for your plumbing marketing. Diversity in the type of content your use is always a good idea to appeal to everyone’s learning method. Remember some people like to read, others listen, and others are more visual. Try to appeal to everyone’s tastes to broaden your visibility.


#4 Social Media

Social media is great for your plumbing marketing. It helps you appeal to more users, mobile users included and is a great way to distribute content. Being active on social media helps increase your audience and improve your visibility. Its a great and affordable way to improve the traffic to your website.


Some other areas you may want to focus effort in for your plumbing marketing are local directories and link building. As you move forward with your plumbing marketing you will find that most areas are actually intertwined. For example social media is dependent on your content strategy and vice versa. By utilizing multiple methods you create a stronger plumbing marketing plan. TO learn more about plumbing marketing and the services offered by Grow Plumbing please visit our website at

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