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Knowing Your Audience on Social Media

December 21st, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Social media is big for plumbing marketing. The idea is the farther you can reach with your social media the more traffic and web exposure you will get. One things for certain, not all social media sites are the same. Each social media site tends to cater to a specific user type. Its important to know who your audience is when using social media for plumbing marketing and more importantly where they are. We always talk about quality over quantity, and this definitely has an impact on social media.


Who Uses Twitter?

social media for plumbersTwitter has over 300 million users world wide, with 80% of them being mobile users. Over 75% of users are outside of the US with over 30% of users coming from Asia. Latin America is the one of the fastest growing regions with active Twitter users. The age group that uses Twitter the most is 18-29 year olds making up around 37%, with 30-49 year olds coming in 2nd at 25%. Peak times for Twitter users are 12 pm, 5pm, and 6pm.


Who Uses Facebook?

Facebook is still on of the most popular sites on social media with over 70% of American adults using Facebook. Internet users who are 18-29 are the highest users, with 30-49 years olds close behind. Currently social media for plumbersFacebook is becoming more popular with 65 years olds and older, 56% of internet users who are 65 and older are now using Facebook, up from 35% in 2012. Most Facebook users come from Urban or Suburban areas. Facebook also has more female users than male.


Who Uses LinkedIn?

social media for plumbers

LinkedIn is used less than Facebook, however 28% of adult internet users use LinkedIn, up from 22% in 2013. LinkedIn is more widely used among college graduates and those in higher income households. Users are more likely to be age 30-64. LinkedIn also is slightly more popular among men.


Who Uses Google +?

Google + is more commonly used among people who work in IT, internet, or computer services making up 29% of users. Self employed individuals are also big users of Google’s social media platform making up 23%. social media for plumbersGoogle + is said to have less noise than Facebook and appeals to more tech savvy individuals. Google + also attracts more male users than female.



Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google + make up a large portion of social media activity. We suggest getting your feet wet in all of them just to see what works best for you. You may also want to consider Pinterest, or Instagram is you are distributing visual content. To learn more about using social media for plumbing marketing visit our website at






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