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Focusing on Your Content to Improve Your Plumbing Marketing

December 23rd, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Over the last several years there has been a huge shift in focus to content marketing. Content is the easiest and safest way to achieve good search rankings and drive traffic to your website. Plus it helps boost engagement and builds your credibility. However just as we know how important content is, we also know that your content needs to constantly evolve with the times, as well as the rest of your plumbing marketing strategy. Things move at the speed of light in the digital marketing world. New Algorithms are being introduced to keep marketers on their toes, new technologies are coming about, new fads and new trends in online marketing, not to mention the constant need to remain competitive, its important to remained focused on your content to improve your plumbing marketing and remain relevant.


content to improve your plumbing marketing

Data Informed,, 12/23/2015

Think quality! There’s that word again! Yes quality over quantity is becoming more and more important for your content to improve your plumbing marketing. Quality is really how we came to the importance of content in the first place. Back in the day during the onset of SEO, key word stuffing ran rampant throughout the digital marketing world. This tactic was viewed as a manipulation of search results by the major search engines, and so a slew of algorithms were introduced to counteract the effects of these “black hat” practices. Hence the need for good content. Content like blogs posts became the new carrier for SEO.


A blog is a great way to focus on your content to improve your plumbing marketing. For starters you can infiltrate your blog posts with your desired key words; just keep in mind balance. It needs to read well. A blog that is too dense in keywords can be deemed as too spamy and can actually have the opposite results you were hoping for.


Aside from being able to use your keywords another reason to focus on your content to improve your plumbing marketing is that you are continually updating your website. Search engines like pages that are routinely updated on a regular basis. They are viewed as more relevant. By updating your blog once or twice a week you continuously update your website.


Content will continue to take center stage throughout the next several years. With more regulations from search engines it will be important to focus on your content to improve you plumbing marketing and really stay on top of the trends. To learn more about content marketing please visit our website at


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