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Three Things to Help Convert More Visitors into Customers

January 24th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Getting more sales and converting more visitors into customers is the main focus of your website. In order to get more sales creating traffic is only half of the equation. The next step is to convert them. This falls on the shoulders of your website or landing page. When set up right, your website or landing page will have no trouble converting visitors into customers. So how can you set yourself up for success? Here are some things to consider.



convert more visitorsOne of the biggest reasons a website or landing page fails to convert is it leave too much room for distractions. When you are trying to convert visitors into customers you want to maintain their focus and attention. Don’t leave too much room for them to wander. For the purpose of creating a strong website or landing page that converts keep things simple, easy to understand, and easy to navigate. Your visitors to be able to quickly ascertain where the information they are looking for is. When information is not readily available, most will not waste their time looking for it, and simply bounce on to the next site.


Call to Action Button

A strong call to action is crucial in order to convert more visitors into customers. This is a message that conveys urgency, “Click Here Now”, “Buy Now”, “Schedule Your Appointment Today” are all examples of a call to action. It gives the visitor only a few seconds to think about it before they click on it. Once they click and you have their information you have a better chance at converting them. A call to action button should be in plain site and stand out! It should be loud and easy to read. Remember it needs to be compelling!



Testimonials or reviews are very helpful in helping you convert more visitors into customers. You should have an area on your website or landing page where you share some of your best testimonials or reviews. Seeing the experience that your customers had with you, helps new customers make up their mind about your business. Plus its incentive for other current customers to write reviews for you. Reviews and testimonials also play a role in SEO, as they inadvertently contain relevant keywords. Use your positive reviews and testimonials to your advantage.


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