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SEO Mistakes That Could Have a Negative Effect On Your Plumbing Marketing Part 2: Links

February 9th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


SEO mistakes

Natural links, or organic links supersede all other tactics

Links play a huge role in the success of a plumbing marketing plan. The truth of the matter is without links to your web page its hard to generate traffic. Not building quality links is another SEO mistake that could have a negative effect on your plumbing marketing. There has been much talk in recent years over how safe it is to build links to your web page, and with good reason. Earlier SEO tactics were deemed by search engines as manipulation of search results resulting in Google’s release of the penguin and panda algorithms. Keeping this in mind link building still has a place in SEO.


When it comes to link building quality is more important than quality. You can work on building the most links possible but if you focus on links that are good quality and relevant they will work much better in the long run, and be more sustainable. Links that are grown organically have a higher impact than links that are bought (a practice that isn’t looked at fondly by Google). Hard work pays off, especially when it comes to link building.


So how can you build good quality links?


You can link with other professionals. Do you have any networking partners? Is there an expert in the industry who has a great blog? Comment and link to their blog, more than likely your link will be reciprocated. Cultivating these relationships is a great way to trade links. So share and share a like.


Create a video and upload it to YouTube with a link to your web page. Google likes video, in fact if a company has a presence on YouTube, they have a better chance at populating at the top of search results.

SEO mistakes

Ryan's FBA Journey,, 02/09/2016


Write testimonials for other companies that you like. It’s a great way to not only generate organic links, but also gain a testimonial or review of your company.


Include a link to your web page on all of your profiles. Most social media sites and local directory sites allow you to share the link to your business. Always take advantage of this.


Another thing to consider is creating internal links throughout the content of your web pages. Generating internal links to other web pages on your blog help strengthen your content. Web crawlers also index your website as a whole, instead of just one page, the more links you have to a variety of pages, as opposed to just your homepage is important.


Link building isn’t dead you just have to get creative with it. Avoiding links all together because you are worried about penalties is an SEO mistake that won’t help you deliver the results you want. Just keep in mind relevancy. If you are linking to good quality sources then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If you find yourself second guessing yourself than maybe you should consult a professional SEO specialist. Grow Plumbing is here to answer all of your questions regarding good quality link building and SEO. Learn more here.



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