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Understanding Your Analytics Reports for Your Plumbing Marketing

February 12th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Part of plumbing marketing is being able to measure your success. Google Analytics is a great tool to use for this, but also consulting the built in analytics of your website is also a great option. Being proactive and making a point to analyze your analytics report is very important for your plumbing marketing. If you don’t know how you are actually doing then how can you make improvements right? Perhaps whats more important then checking your analytics report is actually understanding it. Here are some tips to help you understand what you are looking at.

 Google Analytics,, 02/12/2016

Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate measure the amount of time a visitor is on your site before they bounce. The longer people are on your site the better chances of them becoming a customer. So obviously you want them on your site as long as possible. If you have a particularly big bounce rate then there is something wrong and you need to be able to address it. Some common reasons for a big bounce rate are: you website is to busy and confusing, the visitor didn’t find the information they were looking for right away, no call to action, your website wasn’t relevant. In order to fix you bounce rate you need to make sure you website is attractive to customers and is compelling enough to cultivate their interest in your business.


Impressions Report

Impressions measure how often the URL of each page of your website gets indexed in search results. While not garnering clicks all the time, your impressions report can help you identify terms that active searchers are searching for. That way you can garner your content relevant to what people are searching for. After all selecting the right keywords is half the battle, being able to effectively utilize them is the next step.


Conversions Report

When we say conversions what we are talking about are the amount of traffic that actually convert or meet the goals you set forth. This could be subscribing to you blog for example. If you are directing traffic to your blog with the goal of getting more subscribers, the amount of subscribers you get from your campaign would be your conversions. Conversions are the end goal of your plumbing marketing. You conversions report will tell you how successful you were in meeting your goals. If your conversions are low, then you may want to consider your CTA or cal to action. Is it compelling enough? Are you utilizing your space correctly? Is your content relevant? Do you have content?


Traffic Source Report

plumbing marketing

Know where your traffic is coming from

One of the most helpful parts of an analytics report for your plumbing marketing is the traffic source report. Knowing where your audience is coming from is helpful. You can spend more time in the areas that are achieving results, after all you want to put your time and money in areas that are delivering results right?


The more knowledge you have about your plumbing marketing the better prepared you are to actually get the results you want. Doing the work is part of plumbing marketing, but also being able to read your analytics report is also important. The more information you have about your traffic, impressions, conversions, and bounce rate the more effective you can be with your plumbing marketing strategy. Learn more about plumbing marketing at


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