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How to Effectively Use Hashtags for Your Plumbing Marketing

February 24th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


hashtags for plumbing marketingHashtags have taken over social media in recent years. You see everyone using hashtags these days, one might say its been a hostile hashtag take over with the misappropriation of hashtags everywhere. Hashtags can be a really fun addition to your plumbing marketing, but you want to make sure you are using them effectively. Hashtags were designed to organize if you will different conversations on social media in the same place. The idea was that people talking about the same thing who may not even know each other can participate together. For example if you were posting pictures about your #springbreak vacation they would populate in a stream under that hashtag with everyone else who used that hashtag #springbreak. So they can be great for exposure, lets look at how to use them effectively for plumbing marketing.


Stay Relevant

Relevancy should be the theme throughout your whole plumbing marketing plan. While its good to take advantage of trending hashtags, for the purposes of plumbing marketing you need to be able to tie it into your business. For example avoid using the ever popular trending #justinbieber hashtag unless you are talking about the plumbing repair you just did on his sink. While you would populate in the stream it would necessarily generate any conversions and that in the long run is what we are after.


Keep Hashtags Short

We can’t tell you how often you see a ridiculously long hashtag, its really just ridiculous. They are difficult to read and also tend to be loner hashtags, and since we want to generate traffic a loner hashtag is simply not productive. Consider #DIYPlumbingDisaster over #AlwaysHireAProfessionalPlumberToAvoidADoItYourselfPlumbingDisaster. See that is just ridiculous, its not easy to read, an more than likely will find itself alone on its own stream.


Don’t Use too Many Hashtags

You know it gets really annoying when every other word is a hashtag. Along with the too long hashtag the too many hashtags also looks ridiculous, and can actually turn people away from your brand. One, two, even three hashtags is ok, but when you #start hashing #every other #word it defeats the purpose.


Do Your Research

Do you ever click on a hashtag to see where it leads? Its a good idea to research any hashtags you may be considering for your plumbing marketing. You want to make sure its a positive hashtag and its also important to see how others associate with it. You don’t want to draw any negative attention with your plumbing marketing.


Competitive Analysis

Just like keywords, some hashtags can also be more competitive than others. You want to be able to generate traffic and conversions so chose keywords that are relevant but not too competitive where you get lost in a sea of other hashtagers. For example the #plumbing is going to be a lot more competitive than #SouthBayPlumbing.


Keeping these things in mind hashtags can be a fun way to engage with your audience about your brand. To learn more about using hashtags for plumbing marketing or other plumbing marketing topics please visit


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