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Tips to Drive Traffic With Your Content

February 26th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


You hear a lot about content these days, and with good reason. Content is one of the most important parts of an online plumbing marketing plan. It helps boost your search ranking, increase conversions, and build engagement. Simply putting the content out there will not drive traffic alone, there are other parts of online plumbing marketing that will complement your content strategy and help drive traffic with your content.


Generate Links

drive traffic with your contentLinks are important to help drive traffic with your content. Not only do you want to generate external links, but also internal links. Find networking partners to share links with and share the link to your website on all of your local directory sites and social media site. When it comes to internal links, these are links that should be pointing to other sources of content on your website. For example if you write a blog about plumbing tips to save on your water bill, you could easily link to other blog posts about on demand water heaters, high efficiency toilets, etc….similar topics that are relevant. This helps generate more interest in your company, boost engagement because you are providing more useful information, and keep people on your site longer. The longer a visitor is on your website the higher the chances are that they will convert.


Share on Social Media

Social media and content go hand in hand and sharing your blog on social media will help drive traffic with your content. Internet users are thirsty for content and social media provides an excellent platform to quench their thirst. Share often, drive traffic with your contentprovide links, and engage with your following/friends/contacts. A lot of social media sites also have groups that are good to participate in and share your content. You can also make use of hashtags to drive more traffic with your content, just be sure to practice good hashtag habits.


Include Images

Images are great for content! Many people are very visual and studies show that visual content generates more clicks than a page filled with words. While avid readers will read your whole blog post, some people will pass if you don’t add images to break up the monotony. Use images that are relevant an eye catching. Remember if you are using an image you found online it could belong to someone, avoid royalty issues by always siting where you got the image from and provide the title of the page, website, and date you accessed the image.


You have to have a plan when it comes to driving traffic with your content. Be sure to update your content on a regular basis and have fun with it. Talk about what you know. Don’t make it a chore to generate content. If you are having trouble updating on a regular basis, or simply aren’t that great at writing ask for help, delegate. For more information on how to drive traffic with your content visit





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