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Archive for March, 2016

Funny Plumbing- Plumbing Memes

March 29th, 2016


We love a good meme, especially a good plumbing meme. Over the last several years we have seen an onset of super funny plumbing memes, and we just had to share them. After all funny plumbing makes for a good way to start the day, and sometimes you just have to laugh. Here are our favorite funny plumbing memes. We hope you get a good chuckle.






Got any good plumbing jokes or funny plumbing memes you would like to share? Comment below! For more funny plumbing tales and visit



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Tips to Recover from a Google Penalty

March 27th, 2016


If you find yourself sitting in the Google penalty box, then chances are you have noticed a decrease in activity from your website. Perhaps you were imploring old SEO tactics that used to work for manipulating the search results or maybe you were unaware that you were doing anything wrong. Whatever the case a Google penalty is serious for your plumbing marketing. Fortunately there are steps you can take to help alleviate the effects of the Google penalty and get your website back on the right track.


What Type of Google Penalty Have You Been Served?


The step to recovery from a Google penalty is to determine what type of penalty you have been served. Google dishes out two types of penalties either manual or algorithmic. The first indication that you have been served a manual penalty is a google penaltynotice from Google to your Google Webmaster Tools account. An algorithmic penalty is more sneaky and typically will result in an unexpected drop in search ranking, usually as a results of an update to Panda or Penguin. Once you have established what type of Google penalty you have you can follow a proper course of action.


Recovery from a Manual Google Penalty

The notice accompanied with a manual Google penalty will provide good information about how you can alleviate the problem. Usually manual Google penalties are a direct result of poor link building. In this instance you need to conduct a link audit on your site and remove all inbound links. This can be tedious and require some legwork. You may have to contact the webmaster at the external site to have the link removed. One tool you can use to help is Majestic SEO, which can help clean up bad back-links and also help identify over optimization and other SEO problems.


Recovery from a Algorithmic Penalty

google penaltyAn algorithmic penalty is a little more tricky. First you have to determine which algorithm is causing the penalty; Panda or Penguin. You may need to consult your analytics data and compare it to the Moz algorithm change history. Once you have figured out who the culprit is you can proceed. A disruption from the Panda algorithm then your website has usability issues. Too many ads on your site, duplicate content or not enough content, slow site speed, and bad navigation are common Panda triggers. At this point you need to address all of these issues with your website. Are you running too many ads? Do you have a blog that you update on a regular basis? You may also need to contact you website host provider to address issues with speed. As far as navigation goes, is you website hard to get around? You may want to consider working with a web designer to alleviate any navigation issues. Penguin penalties will require link audits and link removals.


The truth of the matter is most Google penalties occur by using the black hat SEO practices of yesteryear. If you are keeping things kosher and staying up to date with the latest rends and algorithm changes then you should have nothing to worry about. Practicing good SEO habits is the best way to avoid Google penalties, this involves a good content strategy, good link building, and good social media marketing. If you site does happen to get a penalty don’t worry there is a road to recovery. It does take time, but you can correct it.


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Create Better Emails for Your Email Marketing Campaign

March 25th, 2016


email marketing

Digital Trends,, 03/25/2016

An email marketing campaign is still an effective way to marketing your plumbing business. An email marketing campaign is effective for your plumbing marketing because: A) some people prefer to receive marketing material via email and B) email marketing is mobile friendly. With a majority of individuals now checking their email on their mobile devices, this is a huge audience you don’t want to miss out on.


Craft Eye Catching Emails for Your Email Marketing Campaign


  1. Taylor your email for mobile users. As we stated above most users are checking their emails on their mobile devices so its important for the format of your email to convert to mobile guides lines: fit to smaller screens and have easy contact

    email marketing

    Find Paid Focus Group,, 03/25/2016

    accessibility. Keep the layout simple and easy to navigate, with links that are easy to touch and click on.


  2. Make links easy to see and click on. Don’t make readers search high and low for links. Keep them in plain site. Its also best to provide more than one link to your website for the best results. Before sending your email out make sure the links work, there is nothing worse than sending a piece of marketing material out with a broken link. Always double check your work.


  3. Stay focused. Don’t ramble on. Keep your email simple and to the point. More than likely people aren’t going to read the whole thing anyways. Utilize subtitles and bullet points so that people can quickly find the information they are looking for. The longer the email the higher the chances that the email won’t get read at all.


  4. Utilize Images. Images are great for email marketing. Select images that further prove your concept. Make sure they are compelling and related to the topic of your email. When using images for your email marketing campaign keep in mind that many people don’t have images load automatically so don’t craft an email entirely of images or else you risk an entire blank page. Be sure to use alt text and title tags in the descriptions of your photos so that the information still shows up.


  5. Write compelling subject line and headline. Just like your landing pages and blog titles, your subject line and headline need to capture peoples attention. However you don’t want to seem spammy, and you don’t want to get stopped by spam filters. Some spam words you will want to try and avoid are: cash, money, cheap, buy, clearance, order, shop, free, etc… some of these words are hard to avoid all the time, use them sparingly to improve your chances of getting opened and also getting through the spam detector.

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Fancy Plumbing Trucks

March 21st, 2016


We love to see people get creative with their plumbing trucks. Taking advantage of that space is an awesome plumbing marketing strategy. You cover so much ground when driving around, and when you are sitting parked you also have a great opportunity to gain some exposure for your business. Here are some of our favorite plumbing trucks.




An eye catching design on a plumbing truck is a great way to strengthen your brand. People will start associating your truck with your business and think about it when they need a plumber. Its also good for word of mouth marketing as well. Do you have a fancy plumbing truck? Lets see!

Internet Marketing

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Engagement or Likes? Which is More Important for Plumbing Marketing

March 17th, 2016


Obtaining a lot of likes on Facebook is a lofty goal. Its often perceived that the more likes a brand has the more successful they are. However this isn’t always the case. Studies have shown that overall engagement is actually a better indicator of the success of a Facebook marketing strategy than the amount of likes. Here’s why engagement is more important than the amount of likes you have for your plumbing marketing.


plumbing marketingFirst lets talk about why having a lot of likes on Facebook is good for your plumbing marketing. As a general rule of thumb the more likes you the higher the chances that some of those likes will be active fans; liking, commenting, and sharing your content. Then there is the trickle down effect, where you gain visibility through association. The idea is that once a person likes your page then their friends see that they liked your page and will also like your page. Having more likes also can give you more credibility on Facebook, people are more likely to like pages that have a high number of likes. People like brands that other people are interested in and are more likely to follow suite.


With all that being said does a high number of likes actually mean good quality likes? Like we have stated before quality is always more important than quantity. After all what good is all that exposure if most of your likes are never going to become customers? While gaining a lot of likes won’t necessarily hurt you, it could give you a false impression that your plumbing marketing is performing better than it actually is.


Engagement is actually a better indicator that your plumbing marketing is paying off. Engagement is largely cultivated with a good content strategy. If you are routinely providing your fans with content that is relevant, useful, and unique then

plumbing marketing

Come and See,, 03/17/2016

the likes, comments, and shares will come naturally. A good way to do this is to update you Facebook status several times a week with fresh content. Syndicate new blog posts to your Facebook page. In addition to blogs visual content is extremely successful at boosting engagement, try sharing videos, images, and infographics that you feel your audience would appreciate. You can share any specials or coupons you may be running, or advertise your referral program, these are also great ways to boost engagement.


You can measure your engagement by the amount of likes, comments, shares, and clicks that you receive by checking the insights on your Facebook page. If your engagement scores are low then it probably time to adjust your content strategy. Try updating more often and diversify the types of content you are using. Think of ways you can make people smile or laugh. What is it that your customers want? For more information on how to boost engagement please visit our website at

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4 Areas to Focus on Right Now for Your Plumbing Marketing

March 15th, 2016


plumbing marketingWe all want great results for our plumbing marketing this year. With trends constantly changing sometimes its hard to know what areas you should be focusing on. Here we have outlines specific areas that are key to being successful with your plumbing marketing right now.


#1 Content

When we say content we mean good quality diversified content. Aside from updating a blog every week, video content is becoming increasingly important for online plumbing marketing. YouTube and other short marketing films have proven to be very effective for generating traffic and improving conversions. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on production, in fact most smart phones come with pretty decent cameras you can record with. Also consider adding images to your blogs and using infographics, both of which help increase engagement.


#2 Focus on Mobile Marketing

Last year there was a huge emphasis on mobile marketing and this this has only exemplified the importance of mobile marketing. More and more users are using their smartphones and tablets to access information on the go. Its important that your plumbing marketing efforts meet those demands. Make sure your website is mobile friendly, and also take advantage of local directory sites like Yelp! and Google Local, both of which interface well with mobile users.


#3 Website Speed

Not only is it a must to cater to mobile users this year but you will also want to check the speed your website loads. If there is any lag you can bet that you will loose the attention of your traffic quickly boosting your bounce rate. Now days people want information now and if they have to wait they will move on. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to analyze the speed of your website for free.


#4 Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are great for your plumbing marketing. They kind of just follow visitors around to remind them about your business. To be truly successful with retargeting ads pay close attention to the pages of your website that are generating

plumbing marketing

The Sweetest Plumb Podcast,, 03/15/2016

the most traffic and focus on those pages. Retargeting ads can be very effective for your plumbing marketing because the customer is already interested in your company because they clicked on your website, since they are familiar with it they are more likely to revisit than someone who hasn’t been to your website already. Retargeting ads are also more affordable to run than other PPC ads.


One of the most important things you can do for your plumbing marketing is to measure your success by consulting your analytics report. Your analytics report will give you a wealth of insights to help you more strategically craft your plumbing marketing plan. To learn more about plumbing marketing contact grow plumbing today!

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6 Key Elements for Your Landing Page for Plumbing Marketing

March 11th, 2016


Landing pages have proven to be very effective for plumbing marketing. When creating a landing page for plumbing marketing you want to make sure that it will convert visitors into customers with ease. If set up correctly you could see great results. There are certain key elements every landing page should have. Here are some tips for designing your landing page for plumbing marketing.


First lets discuss what a landing page is. This of a landing page as an extension of your website. Its a single page that is dedicated to a specific topic. The goal of you landing page is to convert the traffic, or basically be so compelling that the visitor does exactly what you want them to do.; for example if you are trying to get them to subscribe to your newsletter. Now that we have gone over what a landing page is, lets discuss how you can use a landing page for plumbing marketing and what key elements you need to make a great landing page.


Key Elements of a Good Landing Page


#1 Headline/Sub-headline

A headline needs to be key catching and commanding. Its the first thing people will read on your landing page and a big deciphering factor if they choose to remain on your page. A great way to come up with a good headline is formulate a

landing page for plumbing marketing

JV Mechanical Contractors,, 03/11/2016

problem that your visitors are having and provide them with a solution. For example:


Headline Do you want to save money on your household utilities with an on demand water heater ?


Sub-headline If the answer is yes then call now to schedule your free consultation.


Aside from commanding peoples attention your headline and sub-headline need to be relevant to the page and the original link that your visitors clicked on to get them there. So if your original link is about on demand water heaters then your landing page also needs to be about on demand water heaters.


#2 Body Text

The body text is going to be the convincing argument of your landing page. You will want to include bullet points or a few short sentences that support your headline. In this instance you will want to include a few points on the benefits of on demand water heaters. Keep things short and sweet, provide enough information to peek the interest of your visitors but leave them wanting more. Also keep in mind that each visitor may or may not read your landing page in its entirety.


# 3 Contact Form

Of course we want people to call but not everyone is going to call. Make it easy for people and provide a contact form they can fill out. This will be located in the call to action button. Your call to action button should be eye catching and stand out. There must be an irresistible urge to click on the call to action button. Keep your contact form simple and only ask for information you actually need.

 landing page for plumbing marketing

#4 Add Testimonials

Testimonials can be very effective for plumbing marketing. You can include a few good testimonials on your landing page or even provide a link to your Yelp! account. More and more people are going on Yelp! to find the goods and services they need and peer review is a compelling sales factor.




#5 Make it Impossible Not to Find Your Contact Information

You phone number should be blatant and in their face. Prominently display your phone number at the top in your header and also at the bottom. The less the visitor has to work to find your information the better. Also make sure your landing page is set up for mobile users, meaning when they click on your phone number they are automatically taken to the call screen.

plumbing marketing

#6 Images and Videos

Images and videos are great additions to your landing page. You want to make sure they are relevant and further support the topic of your landing page. You don’t want things to get too busy so keep things simple.



Learn more about using landing pages for plumbing marketing at





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Running Paid Ads for Plumbing Marketing: Facebook vs. Google

March 8th, 2016


Running paid ads for plumbing marketing is a great way to get a boost in traffic and increase your visibility. While paid ads do come with a price tag, they are good to run every once in a while to help increase awareness about your brand. When running paid ads for plumbing marketing you may not know which direction to go in; Facebook or Google? Both are great options that can tremendously impact your plumbing marketing.


Facebook Ads

Facebook has 1.28 billion monthly users, making Facebook an obvious choice to gain visibility for plumbing marketing. The thing that is really great about running ads on Facebook is how detailed the insights can be. Facebook collects a tonrunning paid ads for plumbing marketing of information on each of its users, and as creepy as this sounds it is great for marketing purposes. Facebook knows the places you visit, the things you like, your relationship status, etc…this enable you to be extremely specific when it comes to running ads on Facebook. With that being said Facebook tends to be a better platform for creating brand awareness because it is more social in nature. Users don’t go to Facebook to search for goods and services they go to Facebook for the social interaction, to see what their friends are up to, and read some news. Boosting posts is a great way to generate brand awareness with Facebook when running paid ads for plumbing marketing. You can do this by syndicating your blog to Facebook and then boosting it so that more people will see your post. This will help generate more brand awareness for your plumbing company.


Google Ads

running paid ads for plumbing marketingGoogle took the whole idea of paid ads and ran with it, and with good reason. With 2.6 billion searches performed on Google each month its a huge money maker for the search giant. People go to Google to search for a variety of things; from products, services, and research Google provides users a wealth of information on all of the topics they are searching for. What great about Google for running paid ads for plumbing marketing is Google knows what people are searching for. This can give you a lot of insight when it comes to selecting the right keywords. Of course the more competitive the keyword is the harder it will be to generate results and the more expensive your campaign can be. If you are looking at boosting more sales then Google is a better choice for running a paid ad for plumbing marketing. With more users searching for goods and services you will more likely find an audience that is willing to convert.


When it comes to running paid ads for plumbing marketing its important to consider the importance of both increasing brand awareness and boosting sales. Both are important to the longevity of your business. We recommend using a strategy that incorporates both paid ads on Facebook and paid ads on Google. Creating brand awareness is important for generating organic results and boosting sales also helps your bottom line. To learn more about running paid ads for plumbing marketing and other plumbing marketing topics visit our website at



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3 Important Things to Stay On Top of Your SEO

March 4th, 2016


SEO should play a huge role in your plumbing marketing efforts. It should work as a basic foundation for all of your plumbing marketing efforts, from your website, content strategy, and social media. SEO is something that just about anybody can do for their online plumbing marketing, however that being said that doesn’t mean there wont be challenges. As things are constantly changing in the digital marketing world its important to stay on top of the latest SEO trends to be effective for your plumbing marketing. Here are some things to consider for your SEO strategy.


#1 Target Your SEO Strategy Around Your Customers

seo for plumbing marketing

Knowing who your audience is will help you get the right kind of traffic.

What are your customer searching for? What do they want out of a plumbing company? When it comes to SEO for plumbing marketing quality matters. Its important to stay relevant to your business. You can be generating a lot of traffic, however if you aren’t targeting the right customers what good does it do? You may increase your search ranking but if the right people aren’t viewing your business then you won’t be able to increase your conversions. You want good quality visibility so make sure you are targeting people who would likely become a customers. Local SEO is really good for plumbers, its less competitive and will have a higher chance of delivering the customers you want. How do you know if you are reaching the right audience? You can check your bounce rate. Your bounce rate is displayed in your analytics report, it tells you how long each visitor is on your site. A high bounce rate may indicate that you are targeting the wrong audience.


#2 Use the Right Keywords

Keywords can be a little tricky. You really need to think long and hard about what terms your customers would be searching for to find your business. Aside from what your customers want you also need to consider how competitive the keyword is. Long tail keywords, keywords that contain more than one word are often more effective and less competitive. They can be more specific to your business which in turn should generate more quality leads. However you want to make sure that your keywords aren’t too specif to be obsolete. You also want to steer clear of using keywords that are trending but aren’t relevant to your business. Remember you want quality traffic that could possibly become a customer. For the purposes of plumbing marketing consider keywords that are relevant to your specialties and your location.


seo for plumbing marketing

Driscoll Brothers,, 03/04/2016

#3 Measure Your Results

Its important to consult your analytics report to see how effective your SEO efforts are. Regularly checking your analytics report will give you important insight into your SEO strategy, and also the rest of your plumbing marketing efforts. It will

tell you which keywords are most effective, where your customers are coming from, what pages of your website gained the most traffic and clicks, etc… all of this information will help you form a better SEO and plumbing marketing strategy.


For more SEO tips and other plumbing marketing tips visit our website at

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