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3 Important Things to Stay On Top of Your SEO

March 4th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


SEO should play a huge role in your plumbing marketing efforts. It should work as a basic foundation for all of your plumbing marketing efforts, from your website, content strategy, and social media. SEO is something that just about anybody can do for their online plumbing marketing, however that being said that doesn’t mean there wont be challenges. As things are constantly changing in the digital marketing world its important to stay on top of the latest SEO trends to be effective for your plumbing marketing. Here are some things to consider for your SEO strategy.


#1 Target Your SEO Strategy Around Your Customers

seo for plumbing marketing

Knowing who your audience is will help you get the right kind of traffic.

What are your customer searching for? What do they want out of a plumbing company? When it comes to SEO for plumbing marketing quality matters. Its important to stay relevant to your business. You can be generating a lot of traffic, however if you aren’t targeting the right customers what good does it do? You may increase your search ranking but if the right people aren’t viewing your business then you won’t be able to increase your conversions. You want good quality visibility so make sure you are targeting people who would likely become a customers. Local SEO is really good for plumbers, its less competitive and will have a higher chance of delivering the customers you want. How do you know if you are reaching the right audience? You can check your bounce rate. Your bounce rate is displayed in your analytics report, it tells you how long each visitor is on your site. A high bounce rate may indicate that you are targeting the wrong audience.


#2 Use the Right Keywords

Keywords can be a little tricky. You really need to think long and hard about what terms your customers would be searching for to find your business. Aside from what your customers want you also need to consider how competitive the keyword is. Long tail keywords, keywords that contain more than one word are often more effective and less competitive. They can be more specific to your business which in turn should generate more quality leads. However you want to make sure that your keywords aren’t too specif to be obsolete. You also want to steer clear of using keywords that are trending but aren’t relevant to your business. Remember you want quality traffic that could possibly become a customer. For the purposes of plumbing marketing consider keywords that are relevant to your specialties and your location.


seo for plumbing marketing

Driscoll Brothers,, 03/04/2016

#3 Measure Your Results

Its important to consult your analytics report to see how effective your SEO efforts are. Regularly checking your analytics report will give you important insight into your SEO strategy, and also the rest of your plumbing marketing efforts. It will

tell you which keywords are most effective, where your customers are coming from, what pages of your website gained the most traffic and clicks, etc… all of this information will help you form a better SEO and plumbing marketing strategy.


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