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Engagement or Likes? Which is More Important for Plumbing Marketing

March 17th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Obtaining a lot of likes on Facebook is a lofty goal. Its often perceived that the more likes a brand has the more successful they are. However this isn’t always the case. Studies have shown that overall engagement is actually a better indicator of the success of a Facebook marketing strategy than the amount of likes. Here’s why engagement is more important than the amount of likes you have for your plumbing marketing.


plumbing marketingFirst lets talk about why having a lot of likes on Facebook is good for your plumbing marketing. As a general rule of thumb the more likes you the higher the chances that some of those likes will be active fans; liking, commenting, and sharing your content. Then there is the trickle down effect, where you gain visibility through association. The idea is that once a person likes your page then their friends see that they liked your page and will also like your page. Having more likes also can give you more credibility on Facebook, people are more likely to like pages that have a high number of likes. People like brands that other people are interested in and are more likely to follow suite.


With all that being said does a high number of likes actually mean good quality likes? Like we have stated before quality is always more important than quantity. After all what good is all that exposure if most of your likes are never going to become customers? While gaining a lot of likes won’t necessarily hurt you, it could give you a false impression that your plumbing marketing is performing better than it actually is.


Engagement is actually a better indicator that your plumbing marketing is paying off. Engagement is largely cultivated with a good content strategy. If you are routinely providing your fans with content that is relevant, useful, and unique then

plumbing marketing

Come and See,, 03/17/2016

the likes, comments, and shares will come naturally. A good way to do this is to update you Facebook status several times a week with fresh content. Syndicate new blog posts to your Facebook page. In addition to blogs visual content is extremely successful at boosting engagement, try sharing videos, images, and infographics that you feel your audience would appreciate. You can share any specials or coupons you may be running, or advertise your referral program, these are also great ways to boost engagement.


You can measure your engagement by the amount of likes, comments, shares, and clicks that you receive by checking the insights on your Facebook page. If your engagement scores are low then it probably time to adjust your content strategy. Try updating more often and diversify the types of content you are using. Think of ways you can make people smile or laugh. What is it that your customers want? For more information on how to boost engagement please visit our website at

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