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Tips to Recover from a Google Penalty

March 27th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


If you find yourself sitting in the Google penalty box, then chances are you have noticed a decrease in activity from your website. Perhaps you were imploring old SEO tactics that used to work for manipulating the search results or maybe you were unaware that you were doing anything wrong. Whatever the case a Google penalty is serious for your plumbing marketing. Fortunately there are steps you can take to help alleviate the effects of the Google penalty and get your website back on the right track.


What Type of Google Penalty Have You Been Served?


The step to recovery from a Google penalty is to determine what type of penalty you have been served. Google dishes out two types of penalties either manual or algorithmic. The first indication that you have been served a manual penalty is a google penaltynotice from Google to your Google Webmaster Tools account. An algorithmic penalty is more sneaky and typically will result in an unexpected drop in search ranking, usually as a results of an update to Panda or Penguin. Once you have established what type of Google penalty you have you can follow a proper course of action.


Recovery from a Manual Google Penalty

The notice accompanied with a manual Google penalty will provide good information about how you can alleviate the problem. Usually manual Google penalties are a direct result of poor link building. In this instance you need to conduct a link audit on your site and remove all inbound links. This can be tedious and require some legwork. You may have to contact the webmaster at the external site to have the link removed. One tool you can use to help is Majestic SEO, which can help clean up bad back-links and also help identify over optimization and other SEO problems.


Recovery from a Algorithmic Penalty

google penaltyAn algorithmic penalty is a little more tricky. First you have to determine which algorithm is causing the penalty; Panda or Penguin. You may need to consult your analytics data and compare it to the Moz algorithm change history. Once you have figured out who the culprit is you can proceed. A disruption from the Panda algorithm then your website has usability issues. Too many ads on your site, duplicate content or not enough content, slow site speed, and bad navigation are common Panda triggers. At this point you need to address all of these issues with your website. Are you running too many ads? Do you have a blog that you update on a regular basis? You may also need to contact you website host provider to address issues with speed. As far as navigation goes, is you website hard to get around? You may want to consider working with a web designer to alleviate any navigation issues. Penguin penalties will require link audits and link removals.


The truth of the matter is most Google penalties occur by using the black hat SEO practices of yesteryear. If you are keeping things kosher and staying up to date with the latest rends and algorithm changes then you should have nothing to worry about. Practicing good SEO habits is the best way to avoid Google penalties, this involves a good content strategy, good link building, and good social media marketing. If you site does happen to get a penalty don’t worry there is a road to recovery. It does take time, but you can correct it.


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