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How Social Media Can Help You Drive Your Brand

April 11th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »



drive your brand with social media, 4/11/2016

There is no doubt that social media is important for your plumbing marketing. It helps you connect with people that meet your target audience, helps with SEO, helps with link building, which in turn helps drive traffic and increase your search ranking. All of that aside social media is also a great place that you can drive your brand. Creating a brand is more than just plumbing marketing; its creating a cultural environment for your business. A strong brand will help you grow plumbing business and sustain it.


When using social media for plumbing marketing its important to keep things consistent in order to drive your brand. That mean utilizing the same logo, head shot, pictures, colors, fonts, catch phrase etc… All of your plumbing marketing material should be on display on your profile. That being said not all social media platforms are the same. For sites like LinkedIn and Google + we recommend using a professional head shot for your profile picture and other pictures like your logo and work you have done for subsequent pictures. For sites like Twitter and your Facebook business page you can use your logo if you like since it is a page for your business, however keep in mind that while it is a page for your business people like to see who is on the other side of things. Its important to keep things looking consistent throughout your profiles to strengthen your brand, that way when a friend on Facebook decides to follow you on Twitter or look you up on LinkedIn they can automatically recognize your branding.


Content distribution is another great aspect of using social media for plumbing marketing. While you may not think about it at the time, your blog is as much of part of your brand as anything else. Its dynamic and helps incorporate the philosophies of your brand. What you are about and what you offer to your clients. Generating blogs, videos, pictures, infographics can all help strengthen your brand and improve engagement with your fan/followers/connections. For branding purposes you can incorporate your logo or slogan into your content. Or maybe utilize a weekly theme. For example perhaps once a week you do a plumbing how to video or blog. Over time this will be incorporated into your brand and people will start to associate more with your brand.

 strengthen your brand with social media

Promoting Your Niche is also a way you can strengthen your brand with social media. If you specialize in green plumbing for example you can incorporate that into your posts. Run promotions, share pictures of your work, share green plumbing tips. All of this can be used to strengthen your brand, and also boost engagement.


Learn more about strengthening your brand and using social media for plumbing marketing here.

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