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Tips to Make Using Facebook for Plumbing Marketing Easier

April 23rd, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Using Facebook for plumbing marketing is great. You have the opportunity to reach a broad audience of people who are interested in your brand, engage with them, and hopefully convert them into customers. Using Facebook for plumbing marketing has a lot of benefits, however its easy to get confused over what you should and shouldn’t do, especially as trends change and algorithms are updated. Here are some tips to help make using Facebook for plumbing marketing easier.


# 1 Plan Your Content

Content is the single force driving Facebook, and social media for that matter. Content is why people login every day. From blogs, videos, pictures, memes, infographics you name it. Its important to have a plan for your content. Utilize content that is relevant to your business and useful. If you can you should be updating several times a day. Diversify between status updates, blog posts, articles that you find interesting and relevant, videos, pictures, memes, and infographics. Its ok to reuse content, in fact if you have some content that drives results its good to use, especially if it generates a reaction. Consider the content that does generate likes and comments and create more content that is similar.


#2 Make it a Point to Work On Facebook

We know that time is of the essence, especially when you run a plumbing company. With all of the tasks associated with running a small business its important to allocate you time appropriately. This means creating a set time where you workFacebook for plumbing marketing on your plumbing marketing tasks, including Facebook. You are more likely to complete a task if you make it routine.


#3 Check Out The Competition

Part of being successful using Facebook for plumbing marketing is to check out what the competition is doing. You don’t necessarily have to copy them, but knowing what they are doing can you create a better plan for your own plumbing marketing. Maybe they have done something you are considering doing, or maybe they are trying something you haven’t thought of before. Its good to scope out what your competitors are doing to help you gain insight and also remain competitive.


#4 Utilize a Social Media Management Dashboard

Facebook for plumbing marketingThere are many applications that can make managing you social media a lot easier. We like to use Hootsuite to manage social media. The Hootsuite dashboard allows you to schedule posts in advance for all of your social media sites, upload updates in bulk, and monitor feeds from all of your social media sites in one convenient location. Hootsuite has a free version or you can pay for more features. Its a great way to save time on your social media tasks, which leaves more time for other things on your to do list.



Using Facebook for plumbing marketing shouldn’t feel like a daunting task. You should be able to enjoy yourself while promoting your business. For more tips on using Facebook for plumbing marketing and other plumbing marketing topics click here.


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