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Spring Cleaning Your Plumbing Marketing

April 27th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


spring cleaning for your plumbing marketing

New Start,, 04/27/2016


Spring is an excellent time of year to perform a little maintenance on your plumbing marketing. Just like its important to maintain an HVAC system its also important to maintain your plumbing marketing endeavors. Taking stock on where you have been and where you are can help with where you are going. Lets look at the areas where a little Spring cleaning can really help with your plumbing marketing.




Your website is one area that could use a little Spring cleaning. What happens so often is someone will create a website and pretty much forget that it is even there. Sometimes years go by before you even think about updating it. This can be risky business. First of all you always want to make sure that you are updating your website on a regular basis, this helps with your search ranking as web crawlers index how often a website is updated, and you guessed they like website that are updated frequently. Second you want to always make sure that your business information is accurate. Information like contact information, hours of operation, areas you service, and areas of specialization for example are all pertinent business information. You should be performing audits of your website on a regular basis, but if not Spring is a good time to perform a little maintenance on your website.



spring cleaning for plumbing marketingAs time goes on its important to analyze your keywords. Are they still effective? Are there other keywords that you could incorporate? Staying on top of your keywords is important to run a successful plumbing marketing campaign. Consult your analytics report to see how your keywords are performing. Maybe its time to retire some, and push other one more. Keyword maintenance should be part of your Spring cleaning for plumbing marketing.


Social Media

Just with keywords its important to see how your social media sites are performing. Your analytics report can give you a wealth of information about where your traffic is coming from. Some social media sites even offer insights of their own, for example if you have a Facebook business page you can see how many posts clicks, likes, and check your overall engagement score. Its important to monitor this information. Maybe some of your social media sites are performing quite well and deserve a little extra attention and funds, while others may not be delivering quite as much. As part of your Spring cleaning for plumbing marketing its a good idea to analyze your social media sites and make adjustments to your strategy as necessary.


Other areas you may want to look at during your Spring cleaning for plumbing marketing are any paid ads you are running online or printed media like in phone books or post cards. Are these efforts delivering the results you were after? Making a point to take a look at how your plumbing marketing efforts are performing is important to help you run a more successful plumbing marketing campaign, and also make sure you are using your plumbing marketing budget wisely. For more information on plumbing marketing check out our website at


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