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Why Regular HVAC Maintenance is So Important

April 29th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


As the warmer months are approaching we know what on your mind; your HVAC maintenance of course! Well maybe not quite you are probably planning your family vacations and BBQ’s and other fun things. With so much going on during summer its easy to forget some of the important things like scheduling your routine maintenance for your HVAC. That’s why we are here to remind you! Here are the main reason why you should schedule your HVAC maintenance now.


Its Preventative

Being proactive when it comes to your preventive maintenance is really important. HVAC units that are well looked after have a better chance working correctly, which is really important when you are looking at triple digits outside! A proper HVAC inspection will alert you to any problems that may currently exist and also tell you which parts need to be replaced in order for your unit to run efficiently.


It Will Help You Save

HVAC maintenance

Farmer State Bank,, 04/29/2016

An HVAC unit that is properly maintained will run more efficiently, saving you money on your utilities. When your HVAC unit has parts replaced regularly and is regularly cleaned it doesn’t have to work so hard, meaning that it uses less energy to operate. Running your AC during the summer months can get costly, so any where you can save a little on your operating costs really helps. Plus an HVAC unit that has been regularly maintained will also last longer, saving you money on replacement.


A Clean Environment

Its important to have your HVAC cleaned once a year. This not only helps keep things running is perfect order, but also yields to a cleaner environment. Over time, dust, pollen, and

HVAC maintenance

Home Sense,, 04/29/2016

other things can build up in your ducts, filters, and vents. If not cleaned properly you are just blowing these allergens around. Have your ducts and vents cleaned and either change or clean your filters on a regular basis as part of your routine HVAC maintenance to maintain a healthy environment.


Get Ahead of The Crowds

Don’t wait for a break down to have your HVAC serviced. During peak summer months HVAC technicians can get really busy with service calls. Having your HVAC maintenance done beforehand will help prevent a breakdown when you really need your HVAC unit the most. Don’t risk being caught off guard. Get a head of the crowds and schedule your HVAC maintenance right away.


Home ownership is full of all kinds of joys, routine maintenance is one of them. Its important to protect your investment and have all of the integral systems in your home maintained annually. To learn more visit



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