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Finding Your Target Audience on Facebook

May 7th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Facebook in an incredibility functional tool when it comes to finding your target audience. There are actually quite a few features on Facebook that make finding your target audience easily and more important accurately. Facebook has become pretty good and identifying what its users are interested in, information they use of course to make money, but it also benefits you when using Facebook for plumbing marketing.


The first step to finding your target audience on Facebook is of course identifying the right target audience. Consider who you are marketing to, and who would be most likely to become a customer. Narrowing this down will help increase profits and help your plumbing marketing work most efficiently. Think about the location and age bracket of your target audience. What do they do for a living? Are they homeowners? Its always best to have a plan when it comes to plumbing marketing and also finding your target audience on Facebook.


finding your target audience on Facebook

Talk in the City,, 05/07/216

Next you can work on growing your network. Seek out individuals that meet the criteria you set forth. Connecting with people that fit the profile of your target audience will help increase the likelihood that the right people are seeing your message. Aside from searching for new customers you should also add existing customers. Happy customers are more likely to refer business to you, and by connecting with them you also gain more visibility to their audience.


Once you have identified who your target audience is and grown your network a little bit you can determine how you want your message to be received. Are you going to go strong with a heavy content campaign? Or are you going to run some ads? Both are effective when it comes to reaching your audience, the only difference is the time frame. While a good solid content strategy will take a little time to really gain traction it is more sustainable over time. However strategically thought out ad campaigns can help give you a boost in visibility and traffic. When it comes to what is best for your plumbing marketing it will really depend on you and your business. Try both out and see what works best.


Sometimes its hard to know where to start when using Facebook for plumbing marketing. If you are having a hard time identifying your target audience and getting started with Facebook for plumbing marketing we are here to help. Grow Plumbing specializes in plumbing marketing and can work with you to help put together a solid social media strategy. Learn more here.

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