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5 Things That Make a Great Website

June 9th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


make a great website

V3 Media Group,, 06/09/2016

A website plays a huge role in a successful plumbing marketing strategy. A great website will serve as a central hub for all of your plumbing marketing efforts. From social media and local directories to content marketing all traffic eventually points back to your website. That’s why, your website, the final destination in your plumbing marketing strategy needs to be on point. Here are 5 things that make a great website.


Clean Design

One thing that makes a great website is clean design. When it comes to the design of your website you want to make sure that it is easy on the eyes and free of clutter. You don’t need crazy graphics or anything that will detract visitors from important information. Choose colors that are easy to read and complement each other. Avoid dark backgrounds, that can make it hard to reach text. You will also want to make sure everything is laid out in an organized and easy to navigate manner.


Easy Navigation

Another thing that makes a great website is easy navigation. Its important that visitors are able to find the information they need on your website easily, otherwise you could risk a high bounce rate. Have navigation tabs clearly labeled

make a great website

Zurb,, 06/09/2016

and easy to find. Make sure that each tab is labeled correctly and navigates to a page that is relevant to the label. Don’t make visitors work hard to find information, have important business information like contact information in plain site where they can easily see it.


Mobile Access

Mobile access is another thing that will make a great website, it is not only convenient for your visitors on mobile devices, but also important for your SEO. Google recently made a change in their algorithm that checks a website’s mobile friendliness, failure to comply with Google’s definition of mobile friendliness could leave your website at the bottom of search results. As more and more users are using the internet on their smartphones and tablets its important to make sure your website converts. Not only could you experience a high bounce rate from not complying, but you could also be penalized by Google. Some things that are important for mobile friendliness are: website automatically adjusts to fit smaller screen, tabs are enlarged when touched to allow for easier access, and phone number is accessible by mobile phone, meaning you are able to call a phone number with one touch.


make a great website

Faith Memorial,, 06/09/2016



Images are also important and can help make a great website. Choose images that are relevant to your business and help support your message. Consider using images of your work, images of your team, and images of the products and brands you use. Make sure if you are using images that don’t belong to you that you are siting them to avoid any copyright issues.



A good SEO strategy can help make a great website. Choose keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to your business but also less competitive. Locally driven keywords are particularly effective. Strategically place keywords throughout your website. Make sure you maintain balance and have things read fluidly. SEO is a crucial part of getting your website indexed by Google.


There are other things that can also make a great website like links to your social media sites, links to networking partners websites, links to sites like Yelp! and the BBB, and also including a page for testimonials to name a few. For more tips on creating a great website click here!

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