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Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Inside The Heads of Your Customers

June 26th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


One job of every marketer is to get inside the heads of customers and find out what they want. This can be challenging at times because trends change so rapidly its hard to stay ahead of the game. When it comes to your plumbing marketing and your customer base you should be marketing with your customers in mind. What do your customers want? Finding out what makes your customers tick is part of running a successful plumbing marketing campaign. Ask yourself these questions to help better understand your customers and create a plumbing marketing plan that revolves around them.


What Do Your Customer Find Useful?

Content is a big part of online plumbing marketing, and your content should encompass information that your customers will find useful. Plumbing tips, plumbing how to’s, plumbing what not to do’s are all useful topics for customer driven content.


get inside the heads of your customers

London Info,, 06/26/2016

What Do Your Customers View as Valuable?

In other words what value do you ad? With all the other choices out there why would your customers choose you over your competition? Consider your niche, your work ethic, customer service, specials and promotions, and your affordability. What do your customers place a high value on?


Are You Accessible?

get inside the heads of your customers

Fiat Lux,, 06/26/2016

Can your customers easily get a hold of you? Is your website designed with them in mind? Is your contact information front and center? Do they have to search through endless tabs to find the information they find important? Remember just like your content is designed with your customers in mind, your website should also be design with your customers in mind.


Whats Unique About Your Company?

What will customers find unique about your company? What sets you a apart? Part of running a content campaign that is customer driven is not only about promoting topics that customers find useful but also unique.


How Credible Do Your Customers Find You?

Credibility is also crucial when it comes to getting inside your customers heads. Building credibility can take a little time. Generating a blog that is routinely updated is a great way to do this, also posting testimonials and links to local directory sites like Yelp that have reviews and ratings is also a great way to build credibility. The more credible you are the more comfortable customers will be with doing business with you.


get inside the heads of your customers

No More Tax,, 06/26/2016

How Will Customers Recognize Your Brand?

Building a strong brand is just as important as the rest of your plumbing marketing. In fact they pretty much go hand in hand. Recognizing how your customers will associate with your brand is an important part of driving your brand. Think about logos, color schemes, and slogans. How easy is it to associate your branding with your company? Whats catchy? Whats clever?


Gearing your plumbing marketing towards the needs of your customers is the best way to achieve success with your plumbing marketing. To learn more about plumbing marketing and how to tailor your strategy with your customers in mind click here.



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