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Why Your Local Directories Matter

July 13th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Local directories are becoming increasingly important for your plumbing marketing. Especially as more and more searches are being performed on mobile devices. More and more users are now using sites like Google Local and Yelp to find the goods and services they need. That’s why it is important to make sure you are taking advantage of your local directories. Here are some reasons why your local directories matter.


Some interesting facts about Yelp:


  • Yelp has 145 million visitors each monthlocal directories

  • 86 million of those users are mobile users

  • Yelp has 102 million cumulative reviews

  • 35% of those reviews come from mobile users

  • 70% of page views on Yelp come from mobile users


*DMR Stats and Gadgets,, 07/13/2016


Local directories help with your search ranking. Aside from being a convenient place to find goods and services your local directories matter because they help with your search ranking. Local directory listing often appear at the top of search results under the paid ads. The more relevant you listing is the more likely the chances of your local directory listing ranking at the top. Local directory sites also provide a place for some good quality link building, which further helps your search ranking.

 local directories

Ratings and reviews are another reason why your local directories matter. Local directory sites offer a place for customers to rate and review your business. Reviews help new customers make decisions about doing business with you, and inadvertently also contain some of your keywords or keyword phrases which helps with your SEO. While you don’t have control over what customers write about your business you do have control over how you react. Reviews allow you to address breakdowns in service head on and can help demonstrate your superior customer service.


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Local directories also help with your SEO. Most directory sites will provide a place for you to not only share the link to your website but also provide a little background information about your company. This is an excellent opportunity for you to put your keywords to work.


Another reason local directories matter is that you can share important business information; for example your hours of operation and areas you service. You can also talk about any services you may specialize in. Local directories will often times also let you run specials or ads through them. Yelp in particular will let you run a promo, which can help give you a boost in business and attract new customers.

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