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SEO for Plumbing Marketing – Seizing Opportunities to Optimize

July 15th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


SEO is important for your plumbing marketing. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The idea is that you select a few keywords or keyword phrases that relate to your business. Strategically utilized keywords help with your search ranking which can help generate more traffic. Here are some places you can optimize to generate more exposure for your website.


#1 Website

SEO for plumbing marketingYour website itself if a great place to get started with your SEO for plumbing marketing. From your home page to the other pages in your navigation, all provide a great place to optimize. Select a few keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to your business and build your content around those keywords. Geographic specific pages with geographic specific keywords can also really help your search ranking and also bring in traffic from a good source. Other areas of your website that you don’t want to overlook for optimization are: meta tags, title tags, and alt tags.


#2 Social Media

Your social media profiles also provide a great place for you to do some SEO for plumbing marketing. Social media profiles usually provide a small space for you to describe yourself or your business and this is an excellent opportunity to SEO for plumbing marketingoptimize your profile. While you may be limited in the amount of words you can use you can still make it count by slipping in a few strategically placed keywords. This not only helps with your search ranking on Google, but also in search results performed on the social media sites itself.


#3 Local Directories

SEO for plumbing marketingLocal directories are also a good place to do some SEO for plumbing marketing. Local directory listings are all about your business so you should have ample space to describe your business. Take advantage of the space provided and utilize your keywords. This will help you populate in search results on Google and will also help you show up in search results on the site itself. Remember more and more users are using mobile apps like Yelp to find the goods and services they need on the go, you don’t want to miss out on this visibility.


#4 Blog

Your blog is another place where you can do some SEO for plumbing marketing. Its actually the perfect place to optimize because you can update it on a regular basis and focus on specific topics or terms you want to rank for. For example if you want to rank for green plumbing you can write a post about innovations in plumbing that are good for green plumbing. A blog also provides a good source of content you can share with your social media networks.


#5 Landing Pages

Landing pages are another place you can utilize your SEO for plumbing marketing strategy. Landing pages are single page websites that are dedicated to a specific topic or keyword. For example if you are really trying to drive green plumbing you could make an entire page dedicated to the subject. Landing pages utilize specific keywords to drive a specific point and capture leads, and can really be useful in targeting a specific audience.



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