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How to Get Better Results for Your Facebook Ads

August 13th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Running Facebook ads is a great way to boost traffic to your website. Its effective and the possibilities are endless for excellent exposure. However Facebook ads do come at a cost, and because you are spending money to run Facebook ads you want to make sure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. Here are some tips to help you get better results for your Facebook ads.


First and foremost you want to make sure you are measuring your results when running Facebook ads. You need to consult your analytics as well as your page insights on Facebook. These reports will tell you what is working and what isn’t. It will tell you how many clicks, how many impressions, your engagement level, etc… This gives you valuable insight for creating future ads that will deliver the results you are after.


Facebook ads

Word Stream,, 08/13/2016

Next when running Facebook ads you to make sure you have a clear objective. Be concise, be relevant, stay on topic, and drive you message home. If you are running an ad about a particular special make sure that the wording you use is specific to that special. It is also important to make sure that the link attached to the ad is also about the same topic. Select words that reinforce your message and are compelling. Utilize words that emphasis your importance and create a sense on urgency.


When running Facebook ads you also have the option to use images. Images are a great way to further convey your message and appeal to more people. Often the image is the first thing that will catch someones eye. Select an image that draws attention to your ad and is relevant.


Establishing who your targeting with your Facebook ad is also really important in order to be successful with Facebook ads. Facebook allows you to get pretty specific when it comes to establishing your target audience. Take advantage of this. After all when it comes to spending money on Facebook ads you want to make sure that the right people are seeing your ad. Advertising to someone in the next town over may be great for visibility, but is there a real chance that they will become a customer? Focus on who your ideal customer is.


One of the most important things to consider when running a Facebook ad is your budget. Facebook allows you to set your own budget. This is where it can get a little tricky. You want to make sure that your budget isn’t too low, but also not toofacebook ads high. Consulting with your analytics and insights can also be helpful in determining how high to set your budget.


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