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Tips to Get Your Plumbing Blog Up and Running

August 23rd, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


A plumbing blog makes a great contribution to your plumbing marketing efforts. Its a great way to update you website on a regular basis, provide a steady stream of content for your social media strategy, and helps with your SEO. If you have been at it for a while are are just getting started here are some tips to help you get your plumbing blog up and running!

plumbing blog up and running

Fast Feet and Phreedom 5k,, 08/23/2016


Just Do It!

If you have been thinking about starting a plumbing blog but are on the fence about it. Just do it! Its a great way to improve you plumbing marketing results. You won’t know how writing a plumbing blog is going to effect your online plumbing marketing until you try it!


Be Consistent

When it comes to writing a plumbing blog you have to be consistent make it a point to update your plumbing blog once or twice a week. Dedicate a specific time and day if you need to. Creating one post and then hoping the traffic starts flooding in is not going to cut it. It has to be maintained on a regular basis.


Write About What You Know

Your plumbing blog doesn’t have to be some Pulitzer Prize winning piece of art. Simply write about what you know. Your plumbing blog allows you to demonstrate you knowledge to the world, and therefore establishing yourself as the plumbing authority in your area.


Provide Useful Information

There are plenty of great topics you can write about for your plumbing blog that people will find useful. Plumbing tips, how to’s, what not to do’s, funny plumbing situations, information on new technology and products, before and afters, the list goes on.


Incorporate Visual Content

A great way to peak interest in your plumbing blog is to incorporate visual content. Utilize images and videos that help support your topic. It will help make your plumbing blog more interesting and help prove you point.


Use Your Keywords

A plumbing blog is the easiest and safest place to continually utilize the keywords you want to rank for. You can also dedicate different posts to different secondary keywords. You can do a blog on “green plumbing”, “water saving”, “emergency plumbing”, etc… While you main focus keyword may be Orange County Plumber, you also have the opportunity to incorporate other keywords you want to rank for in your blog.


Promote, Promote, Promote

Maintaining and writing your plumbing blog is only half of the battle. The next step is to promote your plumbing blog. You should post and share your plumbing blog everywhere you can. Across your social media sites, website, and social
plumbing blogbookmarking sites. People love content and you need to give them what you want! The more places you share you plumbing blog the more views and traffic you will get.



You plumbing blog should also contain links. Links to other pages on your website, links to related blog posts, links to external websites that are relevant that help support your blog topic. Links provide more traffic to other pages, and help provide the reader with more information. Plus is a valuable component of your SEO strategy.


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