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Tips to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

August 25th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


You already know that social media is a valuable asset for your plumbing marketing. Social media has so many things to bring to the table when it comes to your plumbing marketing. Aside from allowing you to connect with customers social media helps improve your search ranking and provides a great place to share your content. Hopefully you already have a social media strategy, if not then now is the time to get on board and explore the possibilities. Whether you are just getting started or already have a social media strategy in place here are some tips to help you improve it.


#1 Organize

One of the biggest downfalls of any social media strategy is a lack of organization. Keeping things organized help you perform the tasks at hand. One way to help you stay organized with your social media strategy is to keep all of your login information in one convenient location. You can create a spreadsheet in Google Docs that is easily accessible and shareable with all the important information regarding your social media strategy like URL, login, password, content calendars, blogging ideas, goals, achievements, etc… This allows you to have access to all of the important information and allows others to contribute as well.


#2 Sets up Goals

Creating goals is part of plumbing marketing and should also be apart of your social media strategy. Where do you want to go with your social media? What are you hoping to gain? Consider where you want to be and devise a plan on how to get there. Keep in mind your goals

social media

The Frugal Model,, 08/25/2016

should be attainable and relevant to your business.


#3 Improve Your Profiles

Its a good idea to perform an audit of your social media profiles. Look for areas that you can improve. Is your profile optimized like it should be? Is all of the information still accurate? Sprucing up your profile with new images and videos is also a good idea. Updating things on a regular basis is important in order to stay fresh and appealing. With social media trends change so often and its important to stay up to date in order to remain relevant and competitive.


#4 Content Strategy

Your social media strategy and your content strategy go hand in hand. Your content strategy will serve to build up your social media strategy. Content drives the internet and if you are producing a steady stream of relevant content your social media profiles provide and excellent place for you to share and distribute your content. Updating your content on your social media profiles is a good way to stay relevant and at the top of your audiences feeds.


#5 Scope Out the Competition

social media

Review Best Binoculars,, 08/25/2016

There is no harm in seeing what your competition and industry leaders are up to. In fact it will help you to stay competitive and relevant. While you don’t necessarily want to copy someone, it could give you some insight. Maybe they are doing something you never thought of, or perhaps they are doing something you have been thinking about. Knowing what others are doing can also help you stay unique with your social media strategy.


Social media is a great way to have a little fun with your plumbing marketing and reach new customers and connect with existing customers. Remember to put a little personality in it. To learn more about improving your social media strategy and other plumbing marketing topics visit

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