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Fine Tune Your SEO Strategy and Get Ahead of The Game With Your Digital Marketing

September 15th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Recently we have been talking about some valuable tips for SEO strategy. Knowing how to properly implement keywords and links and how to effectively use images on your website are crucial aspects of running a successful digital marketing strategy. Today we have a few more tips to help your fine tune your SEO strategy and get ahead of the game with your digital marketing.


Take Every Opportunity to Optimize


When it comes to your SEO strategy there are many places you can take advantage of to optimize. If you have already taken the time to optimize the body texts of your website then you should be familiar enough with your keywords to move on to the next step. This includeSEO strategyother areas of your website that you maybe didn’t thing about, like:

  • Title Tags – appear in the browser tab, they should utilize strategic keywords to describe the contents of the website. Title tags are important for your SEO strategy because they also get indexed by search engines and can help improve your search ranking.
  • Alt Tags – appear when you hover over an image on a website. Utilizing alt tags is the only way any images on your website will be indexed.
  • Meta Tags – also known as snippets give a brief description of the website when it appears in search results. Users can read this description and see if your website is relevant to their search or not.


Once your website is dialed in, you should also make sure your social media profiles are optimized as well as your local directory sites. In addition you should also be optimizing all of your content. From your blog posts to your social media updates, find little ways to work your keywords in.



SEO strategy

Wonder How To,, 09/14/2016

When it comes to staying on top of your SEO strategy you need to do a little recon. Look at social media sites and forums and see what is trending. Look for new topics and see what customers are talking about. This can help you not only market better to your target audience but also help you uncover new keywords you maybe didn’t think about before. In addition to scoping out what you customers are up to, checking out what your competitors are up to never hurts either. While we don’t want you to copy them, being aware of their marketing efforts can help you formulate a more solid digital marketing plan.


In order to gain good results with your SEO strategy you really have to stay on top of things. It takes constant dedication and constant maintenance. Things can change very rapidly in the digital marketing world so its important to be aware of different changes and trends that occur. For more tips to help you with your SEO strategy visit






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