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Another Case of Some Bad DIY Plumbing Jobs

September 18th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


There out there! Bad DIY plumbing jobs! Unfortunately sometimes the urge to save a little money on plumbing repairs and demonstrate ones handyman (or woman) ability can get the better of us. Despite the sheer horror of some of these bad DIY plumbing hatchet jobs, they serve as a vital educational tool of what not to do. And heaven forbid if anyone ever encounter such a bad DIY plumbing job please call a professional plumber right away.



You never want to sacrifice safety over cost and pride. Its important to always call a professional plumber, especially when faced with a larger plumbing task. Browse our local directory to find a licensed plumber in your area here. For more examples of bad DIY plumbing jobs and other plumbing related articles click here.

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