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Tips to Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

September 23rd, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


For a small business owner, local SEO can be really important when it comes to growing your business and getting better search ranking. Its hard to compete with larger companies who have an endless marketing budget and resources to boot. However local SEO can be very effective in allowing small business to achieve great search ranking, expand business, and remain competitive. Whats great about local SEO is that it is affordable and effective, allowing you to attract high quality leads and traffic. Here are some tips to improve your local SEO strategy.



Keyword Research

Using the right keywords is very important when it comes to local SEO. Its important to choose keywords that are relevant and less competitive for you to rank for. Think about what type of terms people would use to find your business. Then

improve local SEO strategy

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make a list. In order to remain competitive and get the highest quality traffic we recommend using long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are comprised of a high ranking focus term like “plumber” and a more specific term that is directly related to your business, your area etc like “Anaheim plumber” or “plumber in Anaheim”. By adding the descriptive, more specific term you narrow down your audience, allowing for better exposure to potential customers.



Once you have your keywords established its important to put them to good use. Start by optimizing your website and content. Using your keywords in your blog is a great way to continually put your keywords to good use and improve you local SEO. You should also look to other areas to optimize like your social media profiles and local directory sites. Never miss an opportunity to optimize.


Local Directories

Local directories play a huge role in local SEO. Since most people rely on local directory sties like Google Local and Yelp to find the goods and service they need, its important to make sure you are taking advantage of these local driven marketing outlets. Your business may already be on the local directories, so its important to claim your profile to: make sure the information is accurate, link it to your website, optimize it, and add supportive images or videos. Aside from being a great opportunity to reach customers, it also helps mobile users.



local seo strategy Reviews are part of using local directories for your local SEO. To gain more exposure and credibility, ask your customers to leave reviews on your local directory sites. Potential customers put a lot of stock in what others are saying about your business. Reviews one way or the other can help sway someones opinion of your business, and ultimately influence their decision to do business with you.


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