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Plumbing Marketing – How Online Reviews Effect Local SEO

October 17th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


online reviewsOnline reviews can make a huge impact on your plumbing marketing and local SEO. Aside from promoting potential customers to do or not do business with you, online reviews can actually have an affect on your local SEO. Why you ask? Because search engines are in the business of promoting what customers, or in their case searchers want to see, and when it comes to decision making a growing number of people report online reviews as being a major influence for their decision. With this knowledge in hand, search engines are now more likely to promote businesses that have reviews at the top of search results. The question is what type of criteria do search engines utilize in determining which businesses reviews get ranked? Here’s how online reviews effect local SEO.


#1 Quantity

The amount of reviews a business has is definitely a factor for search engines. In this case more is definitely better. When it comes to building credibility, most customer’s prefer at least 7-10 reviews. If you are lacking in the review department then it may be time to start soliciting your customers for reviews.


#2 Velocity

The rate at which reviews are posted can effect local SEO as well. If reviews are pouring in too quickly this can send off a red flag to search engines and you can get dinged. While you don’t necessarily have any control on how reviews come in, a natural pattern is what search engines are looking for. Review manipulation is definitely frowned upon.


#3 Diversity

When it comes to online reviews there are a lot of options for local directories, from Google Local, Yelp, Angie’s List, and Yahoo. Search engines prefer a diverse source of reviews. The more local directories you take advantage of the better, as it

online reviews

Epoch Times,, 10/16/2016

helps boost your relevancy. While Google is definitely one of the head honchos in local directories, the amount of reviews your business accumulates on other third party sites also matters. Remember some 3rd party sites, like Yelp for example, will have greater authority with Google than others.


#4 Keywords

Keywords can also play a role in how online reviews effect local SEO. As a matter of fact many online reviews will inadvertently include some high ranking keywords naturally. Naturally being the operative rule.


#5 Authority Reviewers

Some sites like Yelp give more influence to some reviewers than others. This has to do with the amount and frequency of reviews the user posts. New users on Yelp don’t even get their reviews published until they have submitted 5 reviews or more. Having a review done by an “authority Reviewer” is one way online reviews effect your local SEO.


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