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Chilling Sounds Your Plumbing Might Make that Mean You Have a Plumbing Problem

October 31st, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Major plumbing problems can be scary, especially when you are caught off guard or in the middle of entertaining. They always seem to pick the opportune time to strike, when you least expect it. However, sometimes plumbing problems comes with tale tell signs, or more so sounds. Sounds that can make you wonder…do you have a major plumbing problem or is your house haunted. Here are three common chilling sounds that your plumbing might make to alert you that you have a plumbing problem on the rise.



plumbing problems

We Know Your Dreams,, 10-31-2016

Is that a witch screeching in the distance? Nope just the screeching sound of your faucet opening. A screeching faucet is fortunately an easy and relatively inexpensive plumbing problem to fix. Over time some of the components inside the faucet can wear out. The inner parts can be replaced individually; however, it may be more affordable in the long run to replace the faucet entirely. This will not only ensure that you have a working faucet free of a witch’s blood curdling screech, but also a more efficient faucet that utilizes less water and modernizes the space.



A hissing sound coming out of the dark bathroom is something nightmares are made of. While it may

plumbing probmes

Death and Taxes,, 10/31/2016

sound like a giant snake has taken up residence in the bathroom, this is another rather simple plumbing problem to fix. Just like with faucets, the mechanisms inside a toilet break down overtime as well. When a toilet makes a hissing sound or flushes on its own, also known as phantom flushes, the fill valve or the flapper is often faulty.  A broken fill valve or flapper can cause a slow leak into the bowl, causing the tank to consistently fill up and empty once it reaches its limit. This not only leads to scary sounds in the night but also wastes a lot of water. Fortunately, this is an easy plumbing problem to repair by replacing the faulty components.



plumbing problems

Paranormics,, 1031/2016

Banging or rattling pipes may be a sign that a gang of ghosts is haunting the house. While this may be the case more than likely it is a result of a sudden change in water pressure slamming. If the pipes fittings are loose this can cause the banging. A pressure limiting valve may need to be installed and the pipe fittings should be adjusted so they don’t bang around. Pipes that rattle or bang aren’t only bad for sound effects but the rattling and banging around can also cause damage to the pipes, leading to more serious plumbing problems if left unchecked.


If spooky plumbing sounds have you down? Then it may be time to call a professional plumber. Check out our local directory of plumber to find a plumber near you!

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