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Tips for Creating Shareable Content

November 8th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Creating shareable content should be one goal for your plumbing marketing. When a reader shares your content, it increases your visibility. You not only gain exposure to your audience but also their audience. This is a trickledown effect for your plumbing marketing and is the most efficient form of plumbing marketing. Creating shareable content takes hard work and dedication but is worth the reward in the end. Here are some tips for creating shareable content.


Create Unique Content

shareable content

BP Plans,, 11-08-2016

One of the best ways to create shareable content is to create unique content. Unique content should be fresh, original, and relevant. While you can gain inspiration from other sources and important part about creating unique content is that you aren’t too repetitive when it comes to the content you put out. This helps with your search results as Google spy bots seek out fresh new content.

Create Useful Content

Useful content is what drives search. Internet users are on a constant search for useful content. Content quickly solves their problems and provides them with the information they are looking for. Some ideas for creating useful content for your plumbing marketing are: plumbing how to’s, plumbing what not to do’s, funny plumbing stories, plumbing products, new plumbing trends, etc… The more useful your content is the more shareable your content is.

Create Relevant Content

Relevant content is important for your plumbing marketing as well. While it is a good idea to incorporate trending topics into your content strategy to generate interest, you still want to stay relevant to your industry. Relevancy is not only key for creating shareable content but also for achieving good search results.

Visual Content

Visual content is another important aspect of creating shareable content. Many people are visual learners and are more drawn to the images in your content vs. the actual text. Images help support your topic and make your content more interesting and therefore more shareable.

shareable content

Guava Box,, 11-08-2016

Measure Your Success

Measuring your success if another important step in creating shareable content. You can check your analytics and page insights to find out what

type of content your audience enjoys the most. Knowing what your readers want allows you to create more of the same type of content. When you create content with your audience in mind you create more shareable content.

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