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Learn From Your Mistakes- Measuring You Success with Plumbing Marketing

November 17th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Part of an ongoing online plumbing marketing strategy is being able to analyze your efforts so that you can learn from your mistakes. Knowing the current state of your plumbing marketing efforts is crucial for moving forward with a more successful strategy. After all you want to make sure you are putting forth your efforts in a meaningful and effective way. Here are some ways you can learn from your mistakes with your plumbing marketing.


plumbing marketing, 11-17-2016

Set Up Call Tracking

Call tracking is a great way to measure the success of your plumbing marketing. By assigning a local number to your online plumbing marketing tactics you can gain access to important analytics information; like: who is calling, where are they calling from, how they found your information etc… This is important information for moving forward with your plumbing marketing. It will help you see where to put your time and efforts.


Analytics Report

You analytics report provides a wealth of information about your plumbing marketing. It should be consulted on a regular basis. Quarterly if not monthly or more. Analytics tells you who your visitors are, what sources they are coming from,

plumbing marketing

UL Industries,, 11-17-2016

what keywords visitors are using to find you, what web browser visitors are using, what geographic areas your visitors are from, what pages get the most visitors, how long visitors are staying on your page, and more. All of this information is crucial in order for you to learn from your mistakes and move forward with your plumbing marketing.


Check Out the Competitors

Keeping tabs on what you competitors are up to can also help you learn from your mistakes and give you powerful insight. Scoping out the competition is important because you can really learn a lot from your competition. Perhaps they are doing something you have thought of but haven’t tried yet, or maybe they are doing things you never thought of. Look at their web pages and analyze what keywords they are using, what social media sites are they active in, etc… This can help you tailor a better plumbing marketing plan, by not only learning from your mistakes but theirs as well.


Information is power especially when it comes to your plumbing marketing strategy and learning from your mistakes. When money is involved its important to be able to make educated decisions about your plumbing marketing, that’s why it is so important to be informed about what is working and what isn’t’ working so you can learn from your mistakes and move forward with a better plan. TO learn more about online plumbing marketing please visit

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