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3 Ways to Increase Engagement While Using Facebook for Plumbing Marketing

November 19th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Using Facebook for plumbing marketing is a great way to improve your online visibility. As the largest social network out there, you have a lot of opportunity to reach new customers and connect with existing customers. Engagement is crucial when it comes to using Facebook for plumbing marketing. What is engagement you might ask? Engagement is the emotional attachment someone has to a brand. Engagement is what grows conversions and brings customers back. Its how a customers views your brand. Facebook is a great way to build your brand and increase engagement with your brand. Here are 3 ways to increase engagement while using Facebook for plumbing marketing.


#1 Build Relationships

First and foremost Facebook is all about building relationships or connecting with people. One of the key parts about using Facebook for plumbing marketing is to grow your network and connect with people. The first step in building relationships on Facebook and growing your network is to reach out to existing customers and people you already have in your contacts. By connecting with people you already know and existing customers you get a head start in growing your network. Next you should seek to connect with people that meet your target audience. Facebook allows you to search for users based on a multitude of factors, so be specific. The larger your network is the more opportunities you have to engage people with your brand and the more visibility you will have.


facebook for plumbing marketing

Tamara Mccleary,, 11-19/2016

#2 Promote Quality Content

Content is the main reason anyone goes online in the first place. We are all thirsty for content. Content the is unique, useful, and relevant to our daily lives. Facebook provides an excellent platform to distribute content. The more content the

facebook for plumbing marketing

XDA Developers,, 11/19/2016

better; from blog posts, status updates, and visual content, its all good. The key is to promote quality content that is relevant, unique, and useful. Think about what type of content your audience is interested in. What might they be searching for? Then do your best to generate content based on the preferences of your target audience. A great way to tell what content your audience likes the best is to consult your page insights and your analytics. These reports will tell you which posts your audience responded the most too. With this information in hand you can generate more of the same type of content.


#3 Generate Likes

Generating likes is a tell tale sign that your audience is engaged with your brand. But how can you generate more likes? The best way is to post frequently and diversify the type of content you are posting. Update your status several times a day and incorporate images into your repertoire. Good images that support your brand and your message are the easiest way to generate likes. Also consider incorporating topics that are trending into your updates. Aside from what you are posting you can also engagement with your audience as well. Like their posts, comment on their posts, and always comment back when they comment on your posts. Ask questions, and put out polls and surveys. Customers like to feel like you value their opinion. By including them they will be more likely to like your posts and be engaged with your brand.


To learn more about how to increase engagement with your audience and get the most out of using Facebook for plumbing marketing check out our other articles here.


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