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Plumbing Marketing – Creating A Website That Converts Traffic

November 26th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


A website is a fundamental part of any plumbing marketing strategy. With so many resources out there, like WordPress for example, its never been easier to not only create a professional looking website for a reasonable price, but also a create a professional looking websitefunctional website that converts traffic. When create a website that converts traffic there are certain elements that your website should have. Here we will outline what goes into creating a website that converts traffic.


#1 Simple Design

When it comes to creating a website that converts traffic its best to go with a simple design. You want to be able to clearly communicate what you business stands for, so a design that is simple will leave little room for distraction. Choose colors that are easy on the eyes and fonts that are easy to read. A clutter free layout is also important.


#2 Easy Navigation

For plumbing marketing purposes your website should be easy to navigate. Keep your navigation tabs easy to understand and state to the point. Don’t take people through a wild goose chase in order to find important information. Make things as easy as possible to navigate to make conversions easier.


#3 Make it Easy to Contact You

One of the biggest mistakes you can is making people search for your contact information. Don’t bury you phone number behind some tab, instead put it front and center towards that top of the page in big bold font! When creating a website that converts traffic you want to make it as easy as possible to contact you.


#4 Mobile Friendliness

creating a website that convertsMobile friendliness has become increasingly important when it comes to creating a website that converts traffic. Since most people are now searching the web on their mobile devices like their smartphones and tablets, its important to make sure that your website is compatible with their smaller screens. Most websites make this features automatic these days, however you may want to double check. Mobile friendliness can not only effect your conversion ratio, but also your search ranking, as Google is now including as a requirement for indexing.


#5 Call to Action

A strong call to action is a must for creating a website that converts traffic. What is it that you want people to do when they are on your website? Use terms like “Click Now”, “Call Now”, “Free Estimate”, etc… terms that help communicate a sense of urgency and also demonstrate your added value.


When it comes to creating a website that converts traffic, getting the traffic there is only the first step. As part of your plumbing marketing strategy you need a good website that will do the work of converting traffic for you! If set up properly your website should be able to easily convert traffic. If not then it may be time to re-work your website. If its been a few years since you last updated your website then it is definitely time. For more information on creating a website that converts traffic click here.

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