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How to Build Your Brand with Your Plumbing Blog

December 1st, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Creating a plumbing blog is a great way to connect with people. A plumbing blog is also good for your SEO and for building your brand. Your brand is how people will associate with your company. Creating a strong brand with your plumbing marketing is really important to dive sales and create an emotional connection. A plumbing blog is a great way to build your brand.


build your brand

Upside Learning,, 11/30/2016

Start with updating your plumbing blog at least once a week. The key is to be consistent with your updates. Blogs that are updated on a regular basis are good for web indexing by search engines and also provide your readers with what they want; content. Content pretty much drives the internet. Its what people are searching for. Providing your readers with a steady flow of good content will help keep them engaged with your brand.


Next you want to write about topics that you are familiar with. For a plumbing blog there are a lot of great topics you can write about. Part of building a brand with your plumbing blog is build your brandhaving a niche or theme. What is your niche in the plumbing industry? Do you specialize in remodels? Do you specialize in green plumbing? Choosing a niche will help you unify your blog posts with a constant theme, and further build your brand.


Part of creating a plumbing blog to build your brand is to give it a little personal touch. You are a big part of building your brand, so incorporate a little bit of your personality into your plumbing blog. Just keep in mind that while its important to let readers get to know you a little bit, its also important to be professional and retain a little transparency. Avoid sensitive topics like politics and religion that can alienate some readers.


Promotion is also part of building your brand with your plumbing blog. With social media sites like Facebook and Twitter becoming more and more popular, you have ample opportunity to promote your blog. Promoting your plumbing blog on social media helps your gain more exposure by reaching a broader audience.


When building your brand with your plumbing blog you also want to tie in the visible aspects of your plumbing marketing. You theme, your color scheme, font, images, logo, and more. By keeping a unified front with your plumbing marketing you help build your brand. Eventually people will start associating your brand with the colors and logos you choose. Your plumbing blog is a great place to promote to visual aspects of your brand.  


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